Strange WoW FPS Problem. PLEASE HELP!

I recently just built a new computer for my birthday and am having some problems with FPS in WoW.

I have...

-8800gts g92 (newer version highly overclocked)
-Intel q6600 quad core
-680i lt sli motherboard
-500gb western digital hard drive
-4 gig of corsair 800mhz ram
-750w coolermaster sli psu
-antec 900 gaming case keeping it all very cool.

The problem is that I'm getting very low frames in shattrath and anywhere where there are people on my screen. I can be up at 100fps and then only a few people walk onto my screen and I'll drop as low as 35fps in cities. I max out cod4 with 70-120fps, and crysis on all high at 40fps... Here's the thing, I Can pump my game all the way to 1600x1000 resolution with every possible setting maxed at 40fps, then I'll get the same 40fps if i set it to 800x600 resolution and all lowest settings. This makes no sense at all to me and means that it most likely has something to do with the game itself since i pull such high frames in more intensive games?? I should be getting well over 100fps everywhere in the game with the speeds that higher end games are flying at! Anyone have any ideas?! It seems like anything that has animation and can move is slowing my game down, not the scenery or graphics...
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  1. I basically built this computer for WoW and soem higher end games like Cod4... I'm not very happy T-T
  2. Well what i think ur problem could be is ur internet connection. it also has an effect on ur FPS due the server sending ur computer information, there for when u enter a city or are in a city that is constantly changing u will get lower frame rates that is what i believe ur prob could be. on my old computer i had the same prob! but hitting like 5fps =/

    ok now lol why would i be getting low fps in wow im stuck at 60fps and it dnt move goes to 58 sometimes =/ but no higher im not really worried bout it going higher just curious as to y its so low?
  3. WoW sticks to 60 unless you turn off Vsync ;o)
  4. lol i didnt know that thank u lol now i can finally see what fps i can get!

  5. Shattrath can be a bitch, even for decent PC's. I have a slightly better setup than you, run everything at max and the FPS never drop below 60 (have V-sync on) except occasionally in Shattrath when it dips to 35-40. It's the sheer number of people that does it. So many models to render. I wouldn't worry about it, it won't affect your gameplay when you need it to run well, and the situation may improve in the expansion too. Blizz have made a few graphical improvements to the engine (larger draw distances, real time shadows, etc) that make it look better, but they seem to have optimised it quite a bit. On the Beta server, with hundreds of Death Knights running around, I don't seem to get any drop in framerate in Shat, but I guess we'll have to wait and see when it goes live. :)
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