AMD Fusion - What Vista really needed first place ?

Review over Fusion:

Pretty good piece of software. Make Vista look like a Win2k with a new kernel and DX10.
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  1. problem with fusion (from what i understand) is that it requires all amd parts to work; i read people saying it doesnt work if you just have an amd vid card and have intel processor; while this makes sense from a marketing perspective it kinda sucks at the same time.
  2. whoops double post
  3. Doesnt work with 64-bit either. lame.
  4. curnel_D said:
    Doesnt work with 64-bit either. lame.

    A Vista 64bit is the oven. The point is, join this software with ACC, and you can get a decent speedbump with the press of two buttons.

    You don't need to be much tech savy. In ACC Microsoft has no chance of making something like it. But this fushion...should have been in vista. Just food for thought.
  5. Fusion sounds pretty good imo. Having a program shutdown all the bloatware on your OS while you play games is a told dream. We all can turn the unused programs off fairly simply anyway and know how to sort things generally if they go wrong, but for the unexperienced user having only to push a button to enable/disable bloatware is soo much easier. AMD are onto something good there. Blimey... I'm surprised Thunderman didn't post this first :lol:.
  6. I think Fusion is a great idea. Too bad you have to have all AMD parts though.....
  7. closed_deal said:
    ... I'm surprised Thunderman didn't post this first :lol:.

    Well, thunderman can only post hyped stuff and Half-truths. This is in fact, interesting :bounce:
  8. alotta thunderman haters, no?
  9. Why is everyone so .... Serious?
  10. It worked on my laptop that has an AMD CPU, but a crappy Nividia Graphics chip.

    My frame rates went up exceptionally.

    6 in UT 2004 from
    6 in UT3 (this laptop sucks at the game. It did increase its frame rate from like 16 to 22 at 320x300 resolution with settings all the way up).

    Of course I'm not getting the full effect out of the program; currently though I think It made my life a lot better playing games on a cheap laptop.
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