Crysis frezzing

Ok i know there alot of threads about this prob im having ive read a few but nothing is working...

i got crysis on friday, and played for a bit and played most of saturday. i come to play it now and it goes to a black screen and freezes...

i can play for like 3min then it does that. it only started today as i landed on the ship after flying the Vtol, before that it was fine!

ive tried every setting from high to low and resolutions and it does the same thing im at a loss as what to do.

if any1 can help id appreciate it!

thank u in advanced.

System spec.

G31-s2l MoBo
Q6600 @ 2.4ghz
4gb ddr2 800

all my drivers are up to date etc.
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  1. The only time when any game crashes for me, Crysis included, is when I overclock my graphics card too far n the temperature gets too high. Do you get the Driver Stopped responding message?
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