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Ok, so I just moved over to Vista Ultimate x64 Sp1 and getting used to it. I have installed Crysis but it seemed like it just installed in dx9 mode. How do I get it in dx10 and why do I not see a folder for in in my start menu? Same problem with forged alliance I see no folder for it in my startmenu. I am sure I could browse and create one, but it just seems weird. Btw both installed in the x86 folders.
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  1. Crysis or Crysis Warhead?

    Start Menu > Games (all game icons will be there, at least the ones with "Games for Windows" on the box), annoying I know.

    Assuming it's Warhead. If you go to that folder, you can right click the icon, to play in DX9 or DX10, really no point in playing DX10 since everything is enabled in DX9.
  2. Thank you, you are right. I have not a clue how I did not find them. It is just regular Crysis. Thanks again.
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