Crysis Warhead: What are your thoughts about it?

So I wanted to share my experiences with new Crysis game. I don't see any dramatic frames improvements from the original one, one thing I noticed is the textures.....when you come closer to them they change to high resolution and I think that suppose to help. As for the storyline the new voices annoy me. I don't know what they were thinking but it seems the new sequel uses more brit accents+ cussing haha. As for the weapons they changed it, nothing new just the weapons have green cammo accents on them. I like the new uzi or whatever you call them, the grenade launcher helps alot on the ice levels also. The game let me play it at 22" native resolution with *gamer* meaning high settings. When I tried the *enthusiast* meaning vhigh I saw my frames drop to 20-24fps with is bad but that's expected since the game is best played on nvidia cards.

For my system it is:

*G.Skill 4gb ddr2 800
*Vista 64bit
*Intel Core2Quad q6600 !@ 3.4ghz
*Raidmax Aztec case w/ 530w modular psu
*ZEROtherm Nirvana cpu cooler
*Sapphire 4850 @ 680/1148
*ASUS 20X DVD±R DVD Burner
*Seagate Barracuda 500gb HD
*Acer 22" (1680x1050)
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  1. I liked it- looked and ran ok on low.
    A little on the short side though.
    By brother ran it on enthusiast 1600x1200 fine with a E8400, 8800gts (512mb) and 2 gigs of ram
  2. I enjoyed it, the level where you team up with the other nano-suit dudes was pretty cool.
  3. I have it for a 2 days but didn't had much time to play...
    Indeed there is not much of improvement from the previous Crysis...
    I'm playing it on gamer setting on 24'' (1920x1200) with GTX280 (on Q6600@2.4 & 4GB RAM (DDR2@800)) with comfortable rates.

    But... (there is one big BUT :-P)
    I noticed that the game crashes a lot... Checked the temperatures on GPU and it looks like it is crashing when the temp. reaches 72 degrees Celsius... Anyone experiencing this crashes? And perhaps knows a solution?
  4. I had a few crashes the other night, while loading the last level (which was pretty awesome when I finally got to play it).

    I wouldn't say it runs at a high, but it's definitely smoother. Using mostly Gamer with Water Mainstream, Post Processing/Sharers Enthusiast.

    Haven't played Crysis Wars yet, replaying the single player.
  5. love it, the last level was the best, very good soundtrack for it.

    Warhead just dooesn't like my computer I guess, I tryed using the same Crysis settings in Warhead with its ptimzed engine but it ran liek ****! lol On reg crysis i use all VH except shaders, physics, shadows, and objects r on high and i get 32fps at 1600x1200, i try that i nwar head (converting high to Gamer and vh to enthusiast etc etc) and it was liek 24. I am sure it is becausethe textures are a igher qualtiy, they sure look it, especialy on your hands i nthe game compared to reg crysis. I finaly got it at good settings at the exception of medium textures -_- but everythign else is at gamer or enthusiast

    I love the music, it totaly emersis you i nthe game. It hasn't crashed on me, unless ucount freezes as crashes. I give it a 9.5 out of 10 I love it and can play it several times but after a certain number it gets a lil yawn

    Btw my friend adn I made a nice wallpaper for warhead (1600x1200 4x AA) from an actual screenshot which we edited ( added the logo ).
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