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Helloi am running windows 7 with 1gb of ram and nvidia geforce fx550 256mb
and a pentium 4 2.8 ghz why am i only getting 10fps on Flight Sim. X settings pretty low when on xp i go 30-40fps i thought that window 7 was better but i guess its not. by the way in the dxdiag it says the there is 509mb on my video card when it is a 256mb. what is happening here help would be great thanks.
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  1. Firstof all,

    Flight sim X is OVERKILL DEMANDING!!! I've run it on a system close to 3 times as powerful and was not getting impressive results.

    509 (actually 512) Your video card probably has turbocache. It's an old technology where if you have 1 gig of ram or more your video card can use some of it. My 7300GS had the same thing.
  2. yeah. its funny because i get 35 fps on windows xp
  3. Maybe you need to turn the game's settings down again. Strange though, my switch from xp to win7 only improved performance.

    Then again, you are at the lower end for windows 7 requirements, probably below minimum.

    Windows 7 runs better than XP as long as you meet the minimum requirements, which are significantly higher than winXP. It uses more ram. Try putting another stick of ram in your system. It will also improve overall system performance. I believe minimum is stated as 2GB. Idle win 7 uses 700MB, whilst xp will sit at 250ish, (for me at least) leaving more space for other applications. More ram will reduce the need for swapping. (using HDD space as ram but it is REAAALLLYY SLOW)

    Good luck,
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    I think your main problem is your system in not ready for Windows 7 or even Vista. You need at least 2gb of ram, probably a larger hdd, a faster processor, ect. to really take advantage of it.
    Because of the way Vista and 7 address the memory, you will double your Video memory, but because of this you are leaving your system short of needed memory for everything else. I have 7 on a system with 3gb of system Ram, and if I'm doing anything too intense, like multitasking while gaming, it will run the available memory down well below 1gb. Based on this, 2gb would be the minimum, and at least 3gb would be recommended.
  5. yeah i am going to buy a nice pc some time soon then i will determind if 7 is what they say it is. i also think that directx 11 slows it down a little as well if you dont have a good graphics card. Do you happen to know how to convert a dynamic disk(not reconized by disk managment) back to basic.
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