Asus vs dell

considering to buy a new lappy
between asus k46cm and dell inspiron 14z,
which one is better? :)
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  1. I would always recommend an ASUS brand laptop over a Dell Inspiron laptop any day, the quality of construction and support from ASUS is just much better. This of course is with the idea you'd be getting the exact same type of processor, hard drive capacity, ram capacity, graphics, etc. from both machines.
  2. Hi :)

    Interesting one this..

    I own a Laptop repair company...

    Asus are generally speaking a better laptop...

    BUT ...

    They are almost impossible to buy parts for...

    SO the are easy to buy, if it goes wrong in the future ...

    All the best Brett :)
  3. I bought my daughter a Dell Inspiron 14Z for Christmas. I7, AMD 1GB discrete video, 8GB 1600MHZ RAM, 32GB SSD + 500GBHDD, $800 US but got a $100 gift card with it. I found the deal on logicbuy. This is the first Dell I have bought in 8 years. It was the features for the price that pushed my purchase of Dell again. So far so good. It came with minimal crapware installed compared with the HP's I have bought recently.
  4. I should explain that the reason why I do not recommend Dell Inspiron laptops to anyone through my business anymore is because of all the trouble I have seen them have. We do computer repair work as well, and honestly the majority of the computers that we work on with hardware failures or strange issues are Dell laptops. We have sold dozens and dozens of HP ProBooks and Elitebooks and the only one we have had issues with was a loose power connector after it got bumped while charging. We sent the laptop back to HP and had it repaired and returned within a week no cost.

    My luck with Dell support also hasn't been as great. Granted, it's their consumer side that I've had issues with, and I normally have not had near as bad of luck dealing with the business-class or warranty support from Dell or HP. But every time I've had to work with Dell warranty support on a consumer-line laptop it has been a nightmare and they have done everything possible to try and claim it is a non-warranty issue and will cost to have it fixed even if the laptop is literally brand new.
  5. Get ASUS
    Proven by consumer surveys, best durability, outstanding performance and quality
    also has nice style. Perfect for gaming
    not mention they make the best mother boards, and their internal systems are good and solid
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