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I am having a problem with Crysis Warhead. The game starts in a window and not full screen. When I go to setting and tick the fullscreen setting, my screen goes black with the mouse pointer flickering when i move it. I have also tried the ALT+ENTER solution as a lot of people suggested (it does bring it to full screen but does exactly the same with the black screen and cursor). I have also updated to the latest ATI driver 8.9 with same results. In window mode, the game does work perfectly. Any suggestions?
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  1. and what card do you have? what OS ?
  2. I had a similar problem for HL2 a while back. I found Ctrl-Escing out then Alt-Tabbing back in would solve it.

    Might be wishful thinking but you never know!
  3. i had the same problem, the way i fixed it was when i went into options screen and ticked the box with full screen and it would go fullscreen after u applyed it
  4. You could try editing your config crysis config file. Its in "my documents/my games/crysis_warhead/game.cfg".

    r_Fullscreen = 0

    Change to

    r_Fullscreen = 1

    Also set

    r_Width =

    To whatever resolution you require (I would suggest 800x600 to start with)

    On another note, the latest ati driver wrecked my pc (bsods everytime I tried a 3d game and very unstable), so I had to go back to the ones that came with my card (Asus 4850) and all is well again. Worth a try?
  5. I have had the same issue with my copy of warhead. The game starts in window mode and when I go to the settings menu and click 'full screen' and 'apply', the screen goes black and all I can see is the cursor.

    I am running a 512MB 9800gt NVidia graphics card and I am pretty sure the drivers are up to date. I am running vista ultimate 64bit.

    This is really frustrating! Can't believe I paid for this game and can't even play it! If anyone knows the fix for this I would be most grateful!

  6. Im running the game fine with a 4870 and 8.9 but the thing thats getting me is in crysis wars PB keeps kicking me because PB is not right or something. I play at 1920x1200 with gamer settings and no AA over 30FPS all the time... for the most part.

    Try running the game as the admin. it might work?
  7. I have the same problem on one profile on my computer, but not on another. Strange? Neither of them are admin either.
  8. You could try a re-instal. as troublesome as that sounds, it solved a lot of issues for me bck with the first Crysis
  9. I got problems when wan to run the game. When I click the game something pop up and its SECUROM. It write something about fail to check date...something. How to solve this problems? Do I need to connect to internet to deal with SECUROM?
  10. People actually bought this travesty?
  11. my problem is it says ^ unsupported video card

    anyone help me?
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