HP Pavillion 520n Problem

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Hi guys,

I have worked with alot of computers taking them apart and such. But
the cd burner died on my sisters HP Pavillion 520n so I bought a new
cd burner thinking it would be an easy switch. Usually when you take
the two side pannels off of the case you can remove the cd burner just
by unscrewing the 4 screws on each side of the burner, I have access
to the open side of the case. But I can not figure out how to get
access to the second side which is sealed and I can't figure out how
to get into.

Thanks in advance,
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  1. Archived from groups: comp.sys.hp.hardware (More info?)


    Logan <logankrienke@Hotmail.com> wrote:

    I haven't worked on the 520n, but I popped open a similar looking HP.
    There is a screw to remove (somewhere, I forget) and then the whole
    system hinges open. Access is still tight but at least removing things
    becomes possible.

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