Do i have microsoft office 2007?


This is probably a really dumb question but i bought a laptop that already has windows 7 does that mean it has microsoft office 2007 already? It keeps asking for a product key? Help!
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  1. No, The Office suite has nothing to do with the Windows OS, Microsoft Office is a separate product, Its like a antivirus, or a program like Adobe Acrobat reader.

    Your computer came with a 30 day trial of office 2007 installed, Not the full version.
  2. Office 2007 is not part of Windows 7. On many computers supplied these days a trial version of Office 2007 student edition is pre installed with a 30 day trial this is effectively an advert for Office 2007 which the manufacture of your computer gets paid for. If you really want Office 2007 then you must pay for it. However may I suggest that instead of buying Office 2007 you download the free Open Office
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