I need help!, XP compat. game, can't play on vista...?

The game, Darkstone, which is a diablo clone, meaning its a great game;) i bought recently cause i had for PS and wanted to try it for the PC, i currently have Vista, and this game isn't compantable with Vista. Even going into the compatable mode settings of the game i can't seem to get it to run the install. Is there any programs or like xp clone OS's you can download to make things like this work? Or if there's another sulition all together, please let me know. Thanks - Russ
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  1. Hey Russ,

    I don`t know if it would work (or if you tried it already) but go in the game folder and right click on the game .exe file. In propreties, you should be able to select "Mode - Compatibility with XP Service Pack 2" or something like that. Try it, it worked for me in the past with other games. If that fails, then try to run those from the command prompt. CMD.exe
  2. ya i already tried all the compatabilty mode stuff, where/how to run from the command prompt, im sure i know how but when its told to me, i dont know how heh.
  3. Probably a 16-bit game. Vista stopped nativly supporting 16-bits (they can run, but only if the extra bits don't cause any conflicts, which is rare...).

    If its Dos based, use DosBox to run it (not the command promt, the program :D). If that fails, get XP or 98 SE.
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