System clock is slow

The clock in the task bar is slow, about 1 real seconds takes about 3-5 seconds on the computer. what does this mean? is it a hardware failure and if so what specifically? thank you!
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  1. It means that the CMOS battery is on it's way out. It's a relatively simple fix. What sort of computer do you have? Desktop or laptop?
  2. oh thanks! i actually just got this computer from work, its a dell optiplex 760 - Desktop, in case it matters heres the stats:

    Operating System
    MS Windows 7 64-bit
    Intel Core 2 Duo E7400 @ 2.80GHz 35 °C
    Wolfdale 45nm Technology
    4.0GB Dual-Channel DDR2 @ 398MHz (6-6-6-18)
    Dell Inc. 0G214D (CPU)
    VX1935wm-3 @ 1440x900
    Acer AL2017 A @ 1400x1050
    NVIDIA GeForce 7600 GT (Microsoft Corporation - WDDM) (XFX Pine Group)
    Hard Drives
    156GB Seagate ST3160815AS ATA Device (Unknown Interface) 37 °C
    Optical Drives
    TSSTcorp CDRWDVD TS-H493B ATA Device
    High Definition Audio Device
  3. could this also be why i see some stuttering on simple tasks as well? (simple tasks being web browsing, opening folders, etc.) I recently replaced the PSU and GPU with ones i had laying around and it seems like it got better

    (I had read that the PSU may not be adequate for the video card and needed to be replaces?)

    thanks again for this help!
  4. How many watts is the PSU? No, the cmos battery has nothing to do with the system stuttering and such. If you got the computer from work, it could be that the the OS is a bit clogged up, which is why you are seeing some minor performance issues. You can remedy it by re-installing windows, i.e. a fresh install, which means you would wipe everything on the hard drive out. Or you can run a few programs like CCleaner and Malwarebytes to clear out temp files and see if there is any malware on it.

    Other do not like them, but I would also recommend running Glary Utilities, a registry cleaner. I've had great success with it in regard to restoring performance to older computers. All the programs are free, so give it a shot if you would like.

    I would also recommend updating the drivers and such via Dell's support site. It wouldn't hurt to update the graphics card drivers as well.
  5. PSU is 600 watts, and i actually just did a fresh install to 64 bit win 7 (had 32 bit). i ran ccleaner etc. im currently just using microsoft security crap like the essentials etc..

    BUT I want to say that the CMOS battery replacement actually fixed my stuttering issue! not sure how the CMOS battery effected other crap but i'm not seeing an issue now. so thanks alot for the help!
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