psu for new pc

Listed below is the new system I plan on getting.
I would just like to check that the psu will be large enough.
Also would I be better getting xms3200.

Thanks for your help.

MoBo ASUS A7N8X/LAN £88.00 Ebuyer

RAM Corsair 1GB DDR XMS2700 TwinX (2x512MB) £271.19 OverclockersUK

CPU ATHLON XP 2700+ £243.83 Komplett

CPU Noise Control Silverado cooler £44.99 Chillblast

GPU Sapphire Atlantis 9700 PRO ultimate 128MB AGP DDR (silent) £298.01 Komplett

HDD SEAGATE BARRACUDA V 80.0GB ST380023A UATA-100 7200rpm 8.9MS 2MB £72.36 Komplett

Case Coolermaster ATC-710 (silver) £89.96 Ebuyer

PSU ENERMAX EG365AX-VE FMA £49.94 OverclockersUK

DVD Pioneer 16xDVD 40xCD Int IDE Slot (DVD-106S) £41.09 Komplett

FDD Sony Floppy Drive 3,5" 1,44MB MPF-920 Internal £10.84 Komplett

CD-RW Lite-on 52r 52w 24rw Int IDE RP £48.18 OverclockersUK

Monitor HERCULES PROPHETVIEW 920DVI 17" £460.39 Komplett

Keybd Trust Silverline Direct Access Keyboard PS/2 £18.96 Komplett

TOTAL £1,737.74
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  1. I like the Antec true 430 , been rock solid for me , using it in a similar system
  2. If you want to overclock, I would get no less than a 400 watt psu--something like an Enermax EG465. That's just me though.

    Yay, I'm a freakin' noob.
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