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Hi Guys Have just D/loaded the latest bios version 1016 for the A7V3333 M/ Board, which tells me It will support a FSB of 333 , but I am running a XP 2100 , can I get a FSB of 333 with a 2100 or do I have to go to a bigger CPU, have tried to o/clock my cpu and only got 1835mhz and still being stable .Basically if I go to a 2600 or a 2700 will my m/board with the new bios be able to run at a higher FSB of 333 or do I have to get another m/board
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  1. It is not only a BIOS problem, your mobo will be able to sustain a 333 MHz FSB only if the Rev. of your board is 2.0 or higher.
    I also own an A7V333 and asked the same to ASUS. My question was because I intended to install a XP 2700+ with a 333 MHz FSB onto the A7V333.
    But I believe that a XP 2400 @2200 MHz (FSB overclocked at 146 MHz) is very close to the physical limits for an A7V333 Rev. 1.01 (the most frequent).
    To rise the FSB frequency you should change your mobo. Remaining with ASUS, the A7N8X is a very good products.

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  2. I also have the same problem. I think Asus screwed us up here, because all motherboards with the KT333 chipset were supposed to work with the 333 FSB processors, at least according to VIA. Thats one of the reasons why I bought my A7V333. But now we need a Rev. 2 motherboard.

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