My games won't work....

First some basic specs:
Vista Ultimate 64bit
64gb RAM
ATI 4870x2
Asus p5q-e

The other day I wanted to see what Flight Simulator would look like with my new card so I downloaded a demo of it to try. It installed without a hitch and when I went to start it up, it would say unsupported video card and would just crash. I didn't really card about the game so I just uninstalled it and went on. A few hours later I went to play crysis warhead and when it started up it crashed without a reason. I tried another game and it crashed also. I tried every game on my computer and they all crashed. (They ALL worked FINE before). Every other program on my computer runs fine including the standard microsoft games like minesweeper and chess, etc.
Some solutions I tried:
reinstall graphics driver
system restore
reinstall games
reinstall directx and run dxdiag
clean registry

I will try repairing vista when I get the os disc back next weekend.

P.S. I have 3dmark vantage on my computer and i tried running it. Much to my surprise it ran fine and my card passed with flying colors (like it should for the price heh). This is what really stumped me because up to that point I figured it had to be a directx or driver issue.
I appreciate all your time and I know it was a long post (you guys are the best :kaola: )
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  1. Did you fully uninstall previous video driver(even if it was also ATI)?

  2. hi guys.

    ive recently installed ghost recon 2 on my computer but it seems that i cant get a decent framerate.

    my system:

    Intel Pentium Dual Core Processor E2180 2.0 Ghz 800 Mhz
    Gigabyte GA-vm900 Motherboard (PCI-E x16) 1066 FSB
    2 GB DDR2 667
    80 GB WD Hard disk SATA 7200 RPM
    Palit Nividia Geforce 9400GT 512 MB DDR 2

    Is there something wrong with my build?

    Can you guys give me tips on how to improve gaming?

    Is there a big difference if i replaced my processor with an Intel Core2Duo 2.53 Ghz 1066 Mhz?
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