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I'm playing the level titled "shore leave". I'm at a point where I and several others are to be evacuated in a VTOL. The NPCs are all standing around waiting for me to do something but I can't figure out what. The pilots are dead so I was expecting to have to fly the VTOL but I can't get into the cockpit. There's a green dot on the radar indicating a goal of some sort but the spot where the dot is is nothing but a mud puddle. HELP!!!
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  1. I've played thru warhead twice. You defend the VTOL but you dont actually get in it. Once you secure the VTOL you continue on to the next objective. If nothing is happening then most likely you haven't killed all of the enemies necessary to secure the VTOL... Despite what the game says and makes it out to be you dont actually get in the VTOL at this point.
  2. He's right find all the KPA, they might stuck behind a tree or something... Then you might be able to continue.
  3. Wow, how misleading. The main character actually yells to everybody to get into the VTOL. What about the green dot on the radar? It's the only thing on the radar, no KPA and it leads me to a mud puddle.
  4. I'm not sure what's going on, I just re-played that part and after commanding the marines to get in the VTOL he lets emmerson know that the LZ is secure and he is leaving... Emmerson then instructs psycho to stay on ground and move on and infiltrate the Harbor which is where my Green Dot on the map leads. Something Like this happened to me while playing the first Crysis...I was supposed to meet Prophet at a cave entrance and when I got there the entrance was blocked. Prophet just followed me around while I looked for another way in and I ended up having to reinstall The game... The cave then was opened. Weird.
  5. I'll continue on down the road and see what happens. Maybe the game will catch up. I wonder if there's a patch available? I'll re-install if I have to.
  6. Continue Down the road.. The lady will tell you a new objective, Youll fight with another KPA and after that You have to get into a submarine. Then you get into a next level
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