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is warhammer online worth the new rig?

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October 1, 2008 7:50:03 PM

so i was planning on buying a rig that would eventually play diablo 3 and starcraft 2, but now im somewhat interested in playing warhammer online

i wanted this specs btw

on the side note, do u think that rig would run diablo 3/sc2 on high settings? thanks
October 1, 2008 10:46:58 PM

I dunno, i wasnt impressed with warhammer in the least, the graphics are lame, I dont like the combat system, and I dont like characters. but I didnt give it much of a chance ones I saw the graphics, it looks like Vanguard on lowest graphics settings.
October 2, 2008 3:11:41 AM

I saw the graphics and it looked like a very poor WoW wanna be.
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October 2, 2008 4:38:46 AM

Why is it that people are so obsessed with graphics that they don't even bother to notice the gameplay? Truly sad.

I enjoy Warhammer Online quite a bit, but I am by no means a graphics snob so your mileage may vary.

As a note, we have several systems running this game. The weakest being a P4 3Ghz with a 7600GT and 2 gigs of ram. It can handle the game with decent framerate at decent graphical settings, but not really high. My main system is an early Core 2 Duo with an 8800GTS and 2 gigs of ram. It can handle warhammer maxed out easily.

October 2, 2008 10:19:29 AM

I am a MMO fan and currently upgrading my rig to play WAR, i consider myself a bit of a grinding enthusiast though. Imo you should really want to play a game to justify a whole new setup for it.

Wouldnt bother upgrading for D3 or SC2 till theres some final specs.

If you want to splash some case make sure you can support SLI / Crossfire and Quad Cores, along with a Mobo that can take a lot of RAM 8mb plus perhaps
October 2, 2008 12:37:18 PM

Warhammer is ace, Questing is easy and PvP / RVR is brilliant. I have been playing for 2 weeks now and love it. Before that I played LOTR which is very very pretty, (blows WOW outta the water). Graphics arent everything and personally with Warhammer running on my 4870 it looks pretty damn good to me. I just blew £1200 on a new rig to allow my to play all the latest titles along with DX10 games (bring on Left4Dead and Battlefield3).
Warhammer can be played on low spec machines as well so if all you are gonna play is this then no need to upgrade. If you are flogging the last out of an old pc (like I was) go for an E8400 (you dont need quad core for gaming really) 4GB ram, a decent mobo (Asus) and anything from a 4850 up. (personally i would say go for the 4870).
Try warhammer its ace!! (and the characters are cool too, Im a bright wizard with lots of kicka$$ firespells)
October 2, 2008 5:30:04 PM

That laptop would run it perfectly.
October 2, 2008 9:09:40 PM

October 3, 2008 12:04:32 AM

To OP, only you can answer if a new rig is worth the cost. Me personally, I really like WAR, way better than WoW and I thought the graphics, while not the main thing for me were not nearly LOTRO but definitely a little better than WoW. To me WoW=saturday morning cartoon with low poly count and WAR=little more realisitc looking environment and higher (although not massively so) poly count.

As for the laptop above, yes that laptop should run the game just fine. I am looking at it myself the last few weeks and seriously considering getting it for gaming when traveling.

October 4, 2008 9:24:26 PM

I too have an 8800 gts and 2gigs of ram and warhammer online does look good.

my only problem is when 100 (might be a little exaggerated) people show up to keep battles i start lagging and frame rate drops significantly, how could i improve this??
October 6, 2008 10:43:46 AM

@ stickdiggler: lower your graphics settings when entering huge rvr / pvp areas or get a better graphics card.
I had the same issues with LOTRO and 7900GS, everything very pretty until I went to the PVP area (Ettenmoores) where everything would grind to a halt, I had to lower my settings to very low and then would get 20frames per sec with approx 100 chars on screen.
BTW my new card a 4870 handles all that easily with no lag and all shiny effects turned on.
October 6, 2008 10:00:05 PM

i do have the settings on 'fastest frame rate'

is the GTX 280 better then the 4870?
October 7, 2008 5:35:06 AM

Do not build a new system for Warhammer Online. The graphics on Warhammer online are so poor no matter what card you have. It was not made for eye candy. My 7800GTX handles this game on my 24" monitor just about as good as my ati 4870. Do not waste your time on a video card that is over $150 for this game, it won't make a difference. My 4780 kicks 80-90 FPS on this game but that doesn't matter with RPG's. The graphics and gameplay are still "mediocre" the detail very poor. The only cool detail i see is on the characters nekkid bodies lol...

Processor: E8400 (4.0Mhz)
Motherboard: GA-P35-DS3L
GPU: Diamond ATI 4870
Ram: 4 gig Crucial Ballistix Tracers (4x1)
Case:Antec 900
PSU: 550watt
Monitor: 24" Samsung LCD 2443BWX (1900x1200 resolution).
October 7, 2008 7:00:10 AM

OMG! I saw a warhammer demo @ a convention and the first thing I noticed was the absolutely stunning graphics, lol. I don't know what you people are talking about. I was thinking to myself, yes they have the graphics, but does it play good? LOL. Maybe you saw it totally turned down on the lowest settings or something?
October 8, 2008 5:31:37 PM

I like the game personally. It's very pvp (rvr) centric though so if you don't want to pvp, it's going to be mediocre. The gameplay will be as good as your guild makes it since the end game is focused on fighting vs real people.

Gamespot has a decent equipment guide, but basically I'll sum it up by saying that this game is more CPU dependent than video card dependent. There was huge difference in performance between 1 and 2 gigs or ram, and there doesn't appear to be a huge difference beyond 2 gigs.
October 8, 2008 5:34:44 PM

Just a side note- the graphics are not WoW want to be. It's actually the reverse, WoW 'borrowed' the look of the Games Workshop Warhammer tabletop models and Warhammer just celebrated their 25th year. Not trying to geek out on you, but I remember wondering how much Blizzard had to pay Games Workshop to not be sued.
October 8, 2008 7:43:43 PM

Running WAR on an E8400, 4 gigs of RAM, and a pair of 4850's. Runs great. Old system, e6300, 2 gigs of RAM, and a 8800 GTX would slow down in PvP at times. Both we running at 1680X1050 res. Moved my old machine to a 1280X1024 19" LCD, and it runs great on that monitor.

War is very solid. PvE grind isnt bad. PQs are a new fresh idea that actually works. PvP in both open field and scenarios is fun. Graphics arent super great, but they are clean and look decent.

But honestly, I really could care less about the graphics. For me its about the game play.
October 11, 2008 6:45:42 PM

I am actually kinda happy the graphics arn't for the top 5% machines. I have a P4 2.8ghz, 2 gig ram, with only an agp slot and I am picking up an HD 3650 to give me more power over my old geforce4 ti 4200.

I'm thinking this setup will let me play on atleast medium settings... i'm just happy that with my 4 yr old p4 setup I can do a quick upgrade and play this game. I've been looking forward to WAR for awhile.

October 14, 2008 4:24:51 AM

Hey Guys.

I'm desperate. I am cursed with the weirdest computer problems.

Here are my specs.
2.3 gig Quad core AM2 processor.
5 gigs 667mhz ram.
Nvidia Geforce 260 Gtx. 896mb

Warhammer is running very choppy, about 25 fps. and it freeze's periodically for about half a second. Some times when i increase the graphics settings it seems to help untill im in a highly populated area and its starts to lag up. it is so frustrating because my brother who is running it on his dell with:
2 gigs of ram
2.4 processor.
To contrast that i play call of duty 4 on max Everything, and i'm getting 91 fps. I don't know whats going on. i don't know how to fix it obviously. any help would be appreciated. I really don't wanna have to reformat or something. this just doesnt make sense
October 17, 2008 6:03:17 PM

I forced 4xAA and maxed out the graphics using nothing but a E2180 @ 2.9Ghz and a 8800GT (3GB RAM). Run's fine to me, totally playable. Also forcing AA helped a lot with the jaggies so don't forget to do this if you have the extra power. Game play wise it's pretty damn fun as well. I like the RvR aspect but I don't think it has seen it's full potential. Still not quite enough players to make conflicts frequent enough. I have however completed several PQ's (stage 1~3) helped a handful of players, randomly group up and take over areas, scenario's are decent instances of PvP, and was in a short bit of a keep siege, which was awesome. Overall I think they actually did well with PvE and RvR.
October 22, 2008 8:49:40 PM

I too tested that Warhammer is based more on CPU than GPU. Using a 24" lcd with my E8400 with stock settings 3.0ghz, i got about 62fps. Overclocked to 4.0ghz i got 90-95fps in the same location. This fps adjusts from 70-95 depending on pvp areas in the game. When you pvp/rvr, always turn off other programs such as music players because its using more CPU usage, that totally stops lag and i get no lag at all now when doing rvr the servers are suprisingly stable.

On the graphic side, there are very limited graphic settings. Besides the basic resolution settins for this game, No AA settings are available, I just find 3 settings: "bestframe rate, best quality, or Custom (both)." That is pretty crappy but best quality adds more shadows in the background, such as building details, and lowers the fps just a bit.

I will follow up with a GPU test and overclock a 4870 to test the framerates.
October 23, 2008 11:32:48 AM

madworld05 said:
Hey Guys.

I'm desperate. I am cursed with the weirdest computer problems.

Here are my specs.
2.3 gig Quad core AM2 processor.
5 gigs 667mhz ram.
Nvidia Geforce 260 Gtx. 896mb

5gb RAM? doesnt sound right mate - ive only ever known multiples of 2 unless the RAM isnt 2x2gb 1x1gb modules.
Your Quad runs slow as well, and i cannot find a definitive answer as to whether WAR supports Multithreading (so essentially you are running one core at 2.3Ghz to handle the application). You cna probably OC to 2.6 or so comfortably.
Im guessing the card exceeds specs :p 

There are some software issues around that have been known to reduce framerates....this is due to the game being new as far as i know and there is no fix for this...cant really be any more specific im afraid.
October 24, 2008 6:52:42 PM

MrIcky said:
Just a side note- the graphics are not WoW want to be. It's actually the reverse, WoW 'borrowed' the look of the Games Workshop Warhammer tabletop models and Warhammer just celebrated their 25th year. Not trying to geek out on you, but I remember wondering how much Blizzard had to pay Games Workshop to not be sued.

I'm glad someone else is telling the WOWheads this. Dont get me wrong I played WOW for a couple years, but you have to understand that WOW didn't invent fantasy, orcs, elves, good vs evil, MMOs, ect.

Now on topic. I have a 4850 and it runs this game quite well, since my CPU overclocking E6300 at 2.6GHz and 4 gigs of ram, I have been running smooth, even in a teir 3 keep siege that had about 40+ destruction and 48 order and I was not lagging.