wierd PS3 HDMI audio problem

I have a Phillips HDTV 42PFL7422D, with 3 HDMI inputs.

When all 3 HDMI inputs are connect I lose sound signal on any one of the connections.

I have a PS3, Xbox 360 and my PC connected to the TV. For some reason I lose sound signal for any and all of my connections. I thought this might have been a PS3 problem because of past problems I've read about concerning its HDMI, but its not. I disconnected the HDMI connected to the PS3 and connected it my laptop and I still have the same problem.

So far, the only time this problem "goes away" is when I disconnect any one of the HDMI connections, then the other 2 connection work normally.

I don't know if its the fault of the TV, fault of the HDMI cables, or something else unrelated.

This is the HDMI cable I use:

Anyone able to help?
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  1. Do you have the TV on prior to turning on the console?

    I find HDMI very uppity about the order I turn things on.

    Actually I really dislike HDMI.
  2. Usually yes, but the problem occurs regardless whether the TV is on prior.
  3. Lose the PC connection for now, see if this fixes it
  4. It should fix and probably does if I disconnect the PC, but its not a fix. So far I disconnect the PS3, xbox and PC worked fine. Disconnected xbox, PS3 and PC worked fine. I'm still trying to find a fix to fix this so that I can have all HDMIs connected and working.
  5. Indeed, but let's take it one step at a time.

    I would think a good place to start would be to identify if one of the inputs is causing the problem, hence my question.
  6. I disconnect the PC, and I get sound on PS3 and xbox.
  7. Is this the same regardless of which connection you unplug? ie unplugging one results in the other 2 inputs working fine?
  8. Yup. If I unplug the xbox then ps3 and pc works. If I unplug the ps3 then xbox and pc works.
  9. Whats also weird is if say I unplug the xbox turn on ps3, ps3 works fine, then I plug the hdmi back into xbox turn on xbox, xbox works fine. I turn on the PC (remains plugged), it works fine. So all 3 HDMIs are plugged.
  10. Is there a firmware fix for your screen? Sounds like the fault is at the display end.....
  11. Seems like it a fault at the display. I've updated the the firmware to the latest version. However, does not fix the problem. :(
  12. Have you asked Philips about it?

    How about getting an HDMI hub?

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