Crysis eating my RAM

Hi all there,

Recently I received my new ati 4870, since them I've been playing Crysis on medium/high/vhigh (depended on the map).
That went fine until i reached the last level Reckoning. There, i was experiencing huge lags (like a frame every 2 minutes). after checking Task Manager I saw that Crysis was using all what was left of my 2gb of ram (98+% was used)
I tried switching to 64-bit version. that helped the rams (now using 92%) but not the lags. Turning all graphs to low on 800x600 didn't help as well.

My current rig:
C2D E6750 + Thermalrigh Ultra-120 eXtreme (on stock clocks atm)
Sapphire HD4870 512mb
2x1GB Kingston ValueRam DDR2-667 CL5
ASrock 4Core1333-FullHD (ATI RS600 chipset)
Antec 900 case
Antec Earthwatts 500W

So, what could be the problem?
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  1. Thats nothing, Freddie Star ate my hamster!!!!
  2. u did try restarting the game right? no unnecessary virus scans or anything running in the background?
  3. nope no virus what so ever, and it only happens at that level, at "normal" levels im getting 20-30 fps @ vhigh 1680x1050
  4. might as well spend $30 and get 2gb more ram....

    and stop wasting time playing a crappy game like crysis.
  5. I recently had a problem like this on Crysis warhead, Ate up all 4gb of ram and slowed to a crawl.
  6. I had the same problem with Warhead, it was on the first frozen level, and the level in the jungle before that one.
  7. It's perfectly normal. After a while of gameplay, Crysis typically uses 2+gb of ram. Windows itself and background programs adds to the toll. There is a reason all new gaming builds by competent people use 4gb of ram. 2gb just doesn't cut it anymore. You should try Supreme Commander if you think Crysis use a lot. :p
  8. I feel the pain when supcom crashes after an hour of gameplay due to running out of memory....
  9. so adding more 2 gigs will solve my problem?
    i'm thinking of a 2x2gb ddr-800 set, shall i then be able to combine my current set (2x1gb ddr-667) with the new one?
  10. No getting more RAM won't solve the problem if its a memory leak, it will still run out but it will help alleviate it as it will take longer to run out.

    4gb is becoming fairly standard now anyway and gives more stable framerates as its not accessing the HDD as much.
  11. Quote:
    Crytek may not be able to make games but the make pretty scenery even if it does take to much power to show it off.

    I don't think thats fair. Warhead (though short) is a good game and Farcry kept me entertained for bloody ages. I downloaded an alternative optimised config (instead of using one of the presets) and Warhead now runs great (and still looks great too).

    But I will think twice about buying any future Crytek games, as EA are a bunch of spyware installing c****
  12. well, ill just install the 4gigs and see what happens when i get em
  13. Did you install all the patches? When I first played the demo Crysis had a horrible memory leak that would eat up all of my 4GB of RAM. And it was even in the final version. I think it was fixed in patch 1.2 if I remember correctly.

    I was playing the full game for about 4 hours and it just sucked my RAM up. Almost made my PC crash. After the patch I played again for 8 hours and it never went past 70%.
  14. yay! i just finished the game!
    the secret is: DX9
    on high settings i was getting 40 fps avg

    I'd like to thank every1 who replied :D
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