Crashes and Blue screens on WAR

I have a new computer:

9550 C2Q
Asus P5Q Deluxe
HIStech 4850 ICQ
8 Gb Patriot Viper (set to 2.1 volts in bios)
500 GB Seagate (75 as windows drive rest storage drive with game on it)
Linksys Wireless receiver card

I keep crashing and/or getting blue screens in WAR. I have fiddled with all the graphics options in CCC and the game, disabled sound, updated every driver on the system done system registry cleaners, ad cleaners, spyware cleaners, cleared the games cache folder, drank a beer, walked the dog, defragmented hard drive, etc...

Im at my wits end and the game still crashes everytime I play. Sometimes it is a few minutes, other times I can go an hour or so, but everytime the game crashes.

Any help?

Thanks in advance!
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  1. my friend had the same issue with an older radeon card, his system has completely different specs but the symptoms were the same, we changed to 7900gtx and the game ran fine, we also changes the ram so not sure which one fixed it... could be ati issue (not bashing or fanboying i have a 4870 and think it's the balls) or an overclocking issue is there a reason you set your ram to 2.1v rather than auto, or have you done any other overclocking?... does it happen on any other game or if it solely WAR, what about benchmarks or stress tests? any old components that you can use to test against the new ones (like different video card?)
  2. The ram is set to 2.1 volts because that is what it says it operates at in the manual that came with it (auto only sets it to 1.8v). I have not done any overclocking on this system yet. These crashes only happen in WAR. All my other games play fine. I suppose I could slap in some components from my other system, I just have to fight my wife who is always playing Spore or Sims 2 on it =/
  3. yeah i would try a diff video card at this point. Also have you tried running it in windowed mode and does that make a difference or does it still crash?

    Any error messages on the crash or anything in the event viewer for applications?

    good luck, WAR is a fun game, hope you get it running!
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