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I'm new to making gameplay videos and I need some tips. I use fraps and windows movie maker but what compression software should I use(must be free)? Also what resolution is recommended? I'm going to be making gameplay videos for crysis warhead and assassins creed.
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  1. XviD is the best compression codec IMO. I've heard WMV 9+ isn't bad either, but I don't have much experience with it.

    Resolution really just depends on how well your computer can keep up when you're recording video, because it takes a huge toll on performance. The weak link is usually the hard drive not keeping up with writing 30+ fps with each frame taking up several megabytes uncompressed. Compressing the captured video at the same time is pretty much out of the question, you'll be doing seconds-per-frame in a game like Crysis or Assassin's Creed. This is why people who are really serious about it set 2 10k rpm Raptors in RAID 0 for video recording.
  2. thx, but i don't compress during playing, i record with fraps then compress afterwards.
  3. Just use the WMV9 option in Windows Movie Maker if you're looking for an easy solution to post-editing compression.
  4. wheres the compress option in windows movie maker?
  5. File => Publish Movie
  6. theres only the save movie but no publish movie option
  7. You could always output it from Movie Maker without compression then run it through VirtualDub, it's probably the best free video publishing tool out there.
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