Medal of Honor Airborne reboot install problem....

Well, Hi again!

I just got my copy (original) of MoH Airborne back from a friend. He didn't play it because he was short on time. So the disc hasn't changed.

Now, my problem: Whenever I insert the disk, I get a 2 second warning and then the PC just reboots out of itself. The same occurs when I manually click and run the setup.exe from the D/: station.

I read that there is a common bug regarding Ageia PhysX, that causes that you can't install it. Well, I solved that already (uninstalling the PhysX driver) but the reboots don't go away...

Do you have suggestions/experience/help regarding this topic.

Thank you very much.

P.S.: I don't want to hear this:'Why the hell would you buy a crappy game like Airborne?'.

I just bought it and it's more than normal that I want to play the game. :pt1cable:
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  1. I had the same problem, and tried everything ... which didn't work. Then I did a very un-manly thing and read the readme file. It said the gaim wouldn't run with dual video card configurations. I was running crossfire. I disabled crossfire and it loaded and ran as it should. If you're running SLI or Crossfire, try disabling it.
  2. I have Vista 64bit with Ageia PhysX and nVidia Physx install at the same time, I knew MOHA worked on it because I had it working before. So i uninstall nVidia Physx and reboot the computer and tried again and then it worked, I would keep Agia Physx on there though, just make sure you don't have two different Physx software clashing together.
  3. i had exactly the same problem on xp pro, i found it was the ageia/nvidia driver clash, go to; control panel, then go to; add or remove programs, then search for any nvidia driver program & uninstall, then try to run the install again for airbourne...worked for me
  4. It has something to do with the version of physx that that particular game likes to FORCE you to install. Uninstall the physx driver from the control panel. Reboot and then try and install the game. If all goes good you can update the newest physx driver from nvidia's site after the game is installed.
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