EVGA gtx 275 , Cosmos S 1100 Full tower , Just Cause 2 [FS]

Im selling a vanilla EVGA Gtx 275 for 150 and shipping which works wonderfully and a nice Cooler Master Cosmos S Case With a Glass Side panel and a EVGA Spray on the back for 100 $ and shipping.

I Also have a extra copy of Just Cause 2 For 25 Bucks. Its a download so no shipping.

Pm Me with any offer or questions on the items.

My heatware account is under Nhoj333

I'll accept Paypal and i am the original owner of the card , it is registered and ive owned it for a little over half a year.


I will help with RMA if needed from EVGA.

I will Post pictures up when i clean the case up a bit
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  1. PM sent!
  2. Replied
  3. GTX 275 sold
  4. isn´t the price a bit too low?
  5. hey if you still have the game, pm your email so i can paypal you the money. thanks
  6. Any pics of the cosmos and how much wear and tear?
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