I cant find any reviews on this online site!! their prices are great for what you are getting but it sounds too good to be true> has anyone purchased from this site or know anyone who has> please tell if they are a reliable company or not?

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  1. Not sure how good they are as I've never bought anything from them - if you want a PC built to your own spec at a competitive price try barrada at www.barrada.co.uk

  2. THanks for your comments, ive looked at that site and the specs and prices seem to very dated compared to other sites i use like aria.co.uk.. thanks for the help anywy :)
  3. Aria charge xtra to build the PC. barrada prices are inclusive of build so having one built to your own spec is cheaper with barrada.

  4. I just want to say that I bought a barrada system after they fixed my old one and I was very pleased with the job they did and at a very good price too - more companies should take a leaf out of their book - good show barrada!!!

    Jack Smith
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