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I was wondering if anybody can help me setup user profiles. They would have to be mandatory profiles and roaming profiles. They are for a school the mandatory profile would be for the students and the roaming profile would be for the staff. So if anybody can help me please email me a step by step guide my email address is The school is a catholic school just in case anybody was wondering. Also if anybody can help me setup active directory for the school it would help me a lot please email me if you want to help.

Thank You
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  1. As stated in your other post.

    Active Directory alone will need extensive training or consulting from an IT professional. Once AD is deployed you will be troubleshooting it and you need to know how to diagnose these issues and have a keen point of view as to what causes the errors.

    Microsoft doesn't have all those AD & Windows server certifications costing years of training and hundreds in cert&book costs for fun...
  2. Creating a Hybrid profile environment will give you some unique issues... I hope you are ready to take them on head on. There is enough configuration elsewhere in the server and network and you can spend all day/week/month configuring and securing these profiles as you should expect at least one tech savvy student to try and exploit something...

    I have seen some high school admins get fired because they didn't block services from being populated throughout the school district.

    Additionally to your last post you mentioned 80+ computers deployed (Windows XP is your achiles heal) You should have strongly considered going for a VDI environment... Or consulted an IT professional because with that many systems you can easily cut corners and could have saved $$$ for administration costs... As this could result in higher pay for you...
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