App(s) fails to save settings to local files

I have noticed with a number of programs that contain their own settings files within their install directory that these apps will not update any changes to their setting files unless the application is started in with "Run as Administrator". I've had luck in fixing this by uninstalling/reinstalling one of the affected apps, but I can't imagine the only solution is install/uninstall until I get an install that works properly...

Is there a simpler way to fix this behavior?

(Additionally: Even though these are applications I trust, running them always as administrator is not an option because of the... separation... that occurs with apps that are run as admin (not being able to drag files from the desktop to the app, not being able to use Ventrilo push-to-talk hotkeys while the run-as-admin app has focus, etc).)

(Just-in-case-someone-asks-Disclaimer: I'm not anywhere remotely close to full on disk space.)
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    These must be old applications.

    You should be able to right-click on the directory that the application is installed in and change the permissions on the folder so that everyone is allowed to write files into it. You'll have to set the folder to stop inheriting permissions from it's parent to do that.
  2. That's exactly what it was, it seems. the Users group was not shown as being allowed Write access on the security tab. (But, when going to Advanced, Users has a "special" permission allowing [Create folders / append data], [Create files / write data], which I would have thought would have done the trick. Oh well!

    Just checking the "write" permission checkbox seems to have pulled it off. Thanks for the help, sminlal!
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