Guest hosts on Second Take?

Today while I was looking at the latest Second Take, I started to wonder how great it'd be if Rob and Ben could accommodate a third seat for a guest host every now and then for their show to give their opinion. A guest host that comes to mind would be "tmeacham" who writes several game reviews. Could be interesting to read a third opinion for some topics. Thoughts?
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  1. Yeah, I'm getting pretty tired of those two hogging all the spotlight. :)

    Actually we've had a few new ideas for video but since I work out of a different office it complicates things. It's on the table, though.
  2. Web cam time. You guys could be like the nightly news, talking heads and all. :wahoo:
  3. Not a bad idea or I wouldn't mind seeing the shows a bit longer, pull a bit more depth or content and not rush over points that can be made.
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