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honestly, what makes people like halo 3? personally, i think that it's completely horrible. i mean seriously, the controls are horrible, the aiming is completely unnatural, it takes you like 2 whole loads to kill someone when you shoot them in the chest. there are so many crappy cons about the game i don't want to waste my time naming them all. so i would like to know, why do people like it?
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  1. *senses console vs PC discussion coming....*
  2. Think of it this way. You have two children, PC and Console, one has been fed with high quality swiss chocolate all his life (PC) and the other has only been fed with terrible low quality chocolate made with old, cheap ingredients.

    Console tastes one day a snickers bar (halo series) and is delighted at how good it is compared to what he's had all of his life, but on the other hand PC just finds the snickers bar to be OK at most, because he's been fed with the best chocolate all of his life.

    Of course Console will swear by it's snickers now as the holy grail of chocolate, because that's the best he's ever had, even though he is completely wrong, he has nothing else to compare it to.
  3. lol @ emp

    look, this is obviously just a flmae war waiting to happen... halo 3 is --okay--, but i dont think it's horrid.. its fun to play with friends, and if you can be good at that game, you'll probably be good at a lot of other games too.... i PERSONALLY think gears of war is better, it seems more balanced, although the little bit of lag that does exist make it pretty sucky sometimes
  4. You know, for hating the game so much you PC purists sure talk about it a lot. Could it perhaps be jealousy? I'd be pretty unhappy not being able to play a critically acclaimed title that has sold over 8 million copies on a different platform. That's why I own all of the consoles and a decent gaming PC.
  5. i have played it on xbox 360 at my friends house many times. i like the concept. it's a cool idea, but the way that bungie carried it out just ruins the game.
  6. Yeeah it's jealousy... that's why we have Halo and Halo 2 available and they aren't anywhere near anyone's top 100 FPS list. We just can't seem to get enough of it, that's why I'm dying for Halo 3 to be ported. :) [/sarcasm]

    The other title that gets all the crazy reviews is Gears of War, and even though I wasn't originally too happy that Epic (previously a PC devoted studio) decided against producing a PC version of the sequel, then I remember the original GOW for PC, which was an OK game, but nothing like the X360 users make it out to be (And I didn't have any of the bug issues when I played it).

    I figured if Epic is going to start putting out crap that they don't care about for the PC, then they might as well just leave and don't make any games for us. I can still cling onto Valve, they haven't let me down and I don't think they will any time soon (even if they listen to whiners and end up nerfing the Demoman in TF2).

    The point I was trying to make with the analogy above is that Halo series aren't bad games, but they aren't one bit innovative or revolutionary for us, so we really don't care for Halo PC version AKA Generic FPS #3922 like the Xbox fans do. We have already experienced all that it had offer before it ever came out, so we weren't surprised, but players who only owned consoles were, because there was nothing else they could compare it to.

    Snickers aren't bad, but they are nowhere near close matching the chocolaty greatness of the different types of Swiss chocolate (especially milk chocolate :P), simply because they are made to satisfy an appetite and not go above and beyond to make you crave for them. You can bet if Halo kids were presented with Quake or Unreal a few years before Halo, it would barely have a small fraction of the current fanbase.
  7. I have a decent gaming PC and an Xbox 360 and I am totally unbiased.

    When I want to play multi-player deathmatch I mostly play CoD4 (on Xbox 360) but my 2nd favourite is Halo 3. CoD4 is more realistic but Halo 3 is more streamlined and arcade-like. It's fast and furious, where as CoD 4 requires a little more subtlety.

    The Halo 3 matchmaking system makes it very easy to quickly get into a wide variety of games. The Theater is also very good - every game is automatically recorded and can be saved, allowing you to replay it from any angle with full control. That is awesome. I've wasted hours just flying around my games!

    My only real problem with Halo 3 is that there aren't very many decent multiplayer maps - CoD4 maps are much more interesting. Also the single-player campaign in Halo 3 didn't grab me at all - most of the time I had no idea what I was doing or why.

    I bought an Xbox because of Halo 1. It was originally a PC game until Microsoft bought Bungie so they could use Halo as the launch game for the original Xbox. I still regard Halo 1 as one of the games I've enjoyed most in my life.

    It was revolutionary because of sequential loading allowing you to move seamlessly around the world - and also because you could move seamlessly between vast indoor locations and vast outdoor locations. Admittedly, some of the later levels were repetitive.
  8. Halo is a game you either like or don't. If you prefer realism and 2 shot deaths, THEN DON"T BUY IT! Halo is fun because it just... is. The game is designed really well with a lot of cool stuff to do. I agree, Halo 2 had much better maps and Halo 3 is lacking in that respect, but they're still bearable and Bungie is making new maps constantly. Don't bash Halo because you're not good with a controller; many people are adept with a controller and the pros wield it just as well as a keyboard and mouse. The controller is part of the reason why it's so fun. You can play the entire game using only you're thumbs and index fingers. The game is designed for the consoles and not for the PC, that's why the PC versions didn't sell that well. I think shooters like COD4 and RSV2 are better suited for the mouse/keyboard because their about instant headshots, quick bursts, and quick reflexes. Halo needs the controller because it's more about riding on the back of mongoose going full speed and then getting blown 50 feet to the side and still living as you catapult over the edge of the map. It's about throwing a random plasma grenade half way across the map and shouting with joy as you get a triple kill with a stick. It's about laying a tripmine in front of an advancing warthog and mongoose, wathcing them get blown into a wall, and throwing a grenade to finish the deal with a killtacular. These are all things that happen regularly in the game that you brag about later to you're friends. Other shooters don't have these kinds of things happening, even on PC.

    Edit: Also, I have a PC and a 360 but consider myself a PC gamer first so I am speaking with no bias.
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