Duke 3D DNF screenshots

Didn't see any thread on these, 2 screenshots that are unlockable on the xbox version of Duke Nukem 3D.

3D Realms are such a tease. Looks good (assuming this is a real game). That's an Octobrain btw.

EDIT haha, forgot 3drealms does that, just go to 3drealms' site.
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  1. fail, you get the infamous "stop stealing the bandwith"
  2. They really look good, especially the Octobrain one. God, I want so badly to kick those alien's butts! I hope DNF gets out anyday soon, because I've been waiting for it for almost 10 years... And also I hope that this game feels somehow like DN3D, with the same sense of humor and one liners, and at the same time adding new stuff, like the usable vehicles they have promised 9 years ago.

    @ tamalero: you can see the screens if you turn off Referrer Logging on your browser. If you use Opera, you can do it easily by pressing F12 and unchecking that option.
  3. Nice ass
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