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Supreme Commander running slow

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October 10, 2008 6:09:37 PM

Not sure if have been asked before, but did try search first. I know that supreme commander requires a lot of power to even get it running reasonably well, but the game will run realy slow after about 30 minuits of playing. I would say that I have a pretty good pc and not sure if there is a solution out there.

My specs

Q6600 @ 3
4GB pc6400
4870 512mb
Vista 64bit

But the game is not streching as it will only run at about 50% graphics 2gb ram and about 50-60% CPU, so why is the game slowing down so much as a game second taking about 3-4 real seconds.

Hope someone can help

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October 10, 2008 6:19:11 PM

I seem to be able to run this reasonably well at 12x16. As the game progresses (and there are more units on screen) it demands more of the CPU.

You should be good with a Q6600 though.

Make sure you turn off all other junk before initializing the game, and there are no other apps running in the background.
October 10, 2008 6:24:09 PM

there is nothing in the background taking any resources and the thing that realy confuses me is that there is loads of resources left, vista can't limit what it gives SC, can it?
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October 10, 2008 6:39:05 PM

supcom is a real challenge to get running well with in high quality and high unit numbers - i found that the game used to crash after around 30 mins of play time or during a major battle involving hundreds of units

anyways i found a mod/crack/patch thing to increase the ram usage limit upto 3gb instead of 2gb and this helped and reduced the frequency of crashes

i think if i remember rightly that the patch can be used on both 32bit and 64bit systems as the game is in 32bit with the 2gb ram limit as default

hope this helps
October 10, 2008 6:44:13 PM

do you remember what the mod/crack/patch thing was called,

many thanks
October 10, 2008 6:50:45 PM

think this link might have the answer on 64bit you have to allow 1 process to access more that 2gb or something anyways got some reading to do...

youve reminded me how much fun supcom is so im reinstalling now and need to get the same fix so if i find it i will post it

ps. maybe the fix is now in the supcom latest patches so if you can patch it to the latest version

October 29, 2008 1:24:20 PM

SupCom is a great game but needs better computers then are currently available to run an 8 player game without slowing down. I have a Q9550 with an 9800 GX2 and I slow down to -2 with 500 units and -6 with 750 units.

You can check how hard the game is pushing your machine by hitting the "~" key to bring up command line then typing in "ren_shownetworkstats" then hit "enter" key. A score of "0" means the machine is barely holding on. + is better, - worst.

Others have already commented on MadBoris's fix of making SupCom's exe large address aware (LAA). This is not required for Forged Alliances, it comes LAA. If you are still running a 32 bit OS, you must still set the 3GB switch in your OS to be able to run either game at more then 2 GB. Again, both must be done for this fix to work... the exe in question must be LAA or changed to be LAA AND the OS must be able to address it so a 64 bit OS requires no changes but 32 bit must be set to 3 GB.

This does not change the speed, but it does prevent the 2GB crash.

To speed up the game you can:
-Buy a better Video card (note that two card SLI WILL reduce performance as the video cards double the video workload on the CPU and since SupCom is often CPU limited, your performance drops. I tried with 2 8800 Ultras and it was bad.
-Buy a faster CPU
-Play with less units
-Play with less players/AI's

Sorry, but that's just the way it is.