can i get LIVE from my pc for COD4??

to make a long story short...

i had COD4 for 360 and loved it. my live ran out....then my 360 got those damn three rings

so....i thought about getting COD4 for PC.

but, im not so much into the campaign, just i love the multiplayer.

can i subscribe to live thru the pc version of the game or can i only play with people using it on pc??

also, is it the same as the xbox version or any better/worse??

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  1. I started off with COD4 on PS3, but my friend got it for PC. So I bought it and never went back to playing it on my PS3.

    1. There is not LIVE for COD4 on PC!! It was made by ACTIVISION so it does not use XBOX Live

    2. Everything is free including all the new maps.

    3. There is no prestige mode on PC.

    Anymore questions just ask!
  2. ah thanks man. :D

    thats just what i wanted to hear.

    kinda wish that there was prestige but w.e ill learn to cope with it.

    also.. being that you still play im assuming that the servers are very active...unlike many shooters i find in the stores for sale..

    but yeah cool thanks man.
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