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my college is holding a pokemon RBY tournament in 2 weeks. I have pokemon blue from the old days, but i never played competitively. Anyone have suggestions for a team? Can't have duplicates, only one legendary, and no mewtwo. I started with bulbasaur.


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  1. also , its been a while since ive played, so maybe some reasons why and suggestions of moves to know and where to find them.
  2. Always nice to cover as many bases as possible while also making sure your team is difficult to counter... Can't think of a full 6-poké team but can make a few suggestions:

    1 Legendary has to be Zapados. His two types' biggest weaknesses (ground vs electric, electric vs flying) are covered, and he packs a huge punch with Thunder and... eh... <insert best flying attack here>.

    As for some others, Dragonite's always a nice bet. Only weak against Dragon, and has very high defense for combatting physical attacks. Can learn some pretty sweet attacks, and a well-timed Hyper Beam can win you the game.

    Venusaur should be overlooked, grass isn't really that useful an element in competitive gameplay, and he's just too slow to be really useful.

    Gengar is one I normally include in tournaments, simply because he can't be touched by physical attacks. The addition of poison attacks over Haunter make him more viable. Poison can be a real pain. Land a Toxic and the other poké's going to either get hurt pretty bad, or the other player's gonna burn a turn swapping, or healing (if you can use items). Plus, a level 100 Night Shade does quite a nice chunk of damage regardless of what element the other poké is. Pretty useful if you come up against something with rediculous defense (maybe your opponent is crazy and uses a Snorlax with maxxed out defense and special defense... or a Chansey that likes healing itself).

    Great fire pokémon are rare outside Charizard and Moltres, and are situational at best, there's not much they're great against that you can't cover somewhere else. I'd choose either Rapidash or Flareon because of their speed. Rapidash would probably get my vote since Stomp can cause the opponent to flinch while still being very powerful. At least, I think it's stomp.

    Alakazam is a very strong pokémon to have in your party too, especially if you play him as a disruptor - that is, constantly keeping sleep or confusion stacked up on your opponent. Hurts quite a lot too.

    If you really need a fighting type, then pray you've taken Hitmonchan. His elemental attacks are very useful for delivering a lot of damage to something that gets thrown out after you defeat a pokémon, or it gets switched out.

    Basically, in tournament play you're looking to do a number of things. Minimise switching, they're wasted turns and you'll take damage that's mostly unneccesary. Also, I've found personally that preventing damage is more effective than causing it with the team I normally play in Pearl/Diamond tournaments, and the strategy works well in RBY too.

    As far as moves go, do a bit of research. See what your pokémon of choice can use, and try to give them something that's an element other than their base one. It gives a little bit of flexibility, and makes it easier to have a counter for every element in a party of 6.

    Good luck and let us know what team you end up picking, and how you do.

    Shout if you want more info on anything :)
  3. sweet

    I was highly considering Alakazam already, if i can find someone to trade me (not sure on the rules but it was mentioned trades can only be made within the bracket)

    I was thinking of going with Jolteon, and teaching it Pin Missile, as a good attack against a strong psychic, plus with speed and electric moves...or would gengar be sufficient against electric? would flareon be a better choice?

    Also, gyrados is very probable to be included, just because its pretty b.a, and dragon/water attacks are pretty useful.

    Thanks again
  4. What you really want to do is write out all the elements, and then list out some of your best pokémon, and see how many elements you can counter in a 6 pokémon team.

    Related link:

    If you have multiple pokémon with the same element, look at their stats and moves. See what you can get for them through TMs or HMs, and what power those moves have.

    Base stats and max stats at level 100:
    Moves list and TMs all Pokémon can learn:
    TM and HM location chart:

    Hopefully these help you on your way to winning. There are other guides on GameFAQs that can probably help you more than I can, it's been a long time since I've played RBY and most of my competitive play on college is in Pearl/Diamond.
  5. So right now I think i have 4 of the 6 I want. Jolteon for the inevitable alakazam or other strong psychic i'll be pitted against. Gyarados b/c he's awesome. Gengar, who I will likely teach thunderbolt, then have confuse ray, dream eater, and hypnosis. And Alakazam. It would be sweet if i can find someone with a Charizard, however I dont know how easy that will be to trade for, and I dont know about a 6th either.
  6. really your in college and your still playing pokemon


    you should be out partying and having the time of your life instead of playing pokemon
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