Which mainboard to choose?

I'm having a lot of trouble with my ECS K7S5A mainboard. Everyday the "CMOS checksum bad"-error, and BIOS to default settings. A well known problem on several ECS forums. My system is only one year old, and the shop where I bought it will replace the mainboard for free. It has to be in the same price-category, but I'm considering paying a LITTLE bit extra for a good stable board. I don't do OC. I'm thinking of ASUS, ABIT or MSI. What type should I ask for???
My config:

Athlon XP 1700
256 MB DDR PC2100
Maxtor 40GB 5400RPM
NVIDIA GeForce2 MX 400 64MB
Creative Soundblaster Live 5.1
Windows XP Home SP1

Thanx for any help!
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  1. For AMD, an Nforce 2 board is what you want. And yes, the K7S5A is a very unpredictable board. Here's a little list for you of nice boards
    Abit NF7-S
    Chaintech 7NJS
    MSI K7N2-L
    Epox 8dra+

    Instead of Rdram, why not just merge 4 Sdram channels...
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