OMG !!! HD4870X2 cant run crysis ?

I have got a new pc
Asus P5Q deluxe
Intel core 2 quad Q9550
Sapphire HD4870X2 2GB GDD5
Crosair 4GB 2X2 1066mhz

when i was checking my pc with " Can u run it ? "
its showed me RED on graphic card
here is the missed things which was RED OMGOMGOMG

Vertex Shader Ver.: Required - 4.0 , You have - 3.0
Pixel Shader Ver.: Required - 4.0 , You have - 3.0

IS THAT TRUE ? or they r idiots ?! omg !
just tell me why ? and if its nothing to consider about pleaseee!!!!
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  1. Some 1 please ? calm me down and tell me why
  2. I also have a system based on Q9550 and
    Sapphire HD4870X2 and it runs just fine.
  3. aha , but why i get that Error message ?
    its weird
  4. Try updating your drivers to the newest 8.X drivers. Believe me, your rig should run crysis beautifully.
  5. well i do recognise my GFX!!
    and d/led the last driver version from sapphire site
    there is no secrets here or anything
    could be that it shows me like this just cuz i have dual card and the can run it system counts one only ?
    cuz the q9550 CPU shows me 2.8Ghz only .. not the real speed for quad..
    am i right ?
  6. omg , its my mistake , i wrote that i cant run it !!
    i didnt TRY IT AT ALL !! i just check the "can you run it" website
    im getting it soon
    and how about wt i saied (above) ?
  7. that "Can u run it ?" thing, wouldn't happen to be the one on the nvidia website would it....?
  8. "can u run it?" u use tat?!? its a joke, it says my go 7300 can run quake wars...IT CANT
  9. I've been in contact with one the guys in charge of "Can You Run It?" before when my E3110 was listed as below spec....I informed him of the error and in about a couple of days it was fixed.

    So if there is an error, notify them.

    Edit: I checked the emails I exchanged with the guy, It was (I'm making an educated guess) the owner of Husdawg LLC..... who owns SRL(System Requirements Lab) and E-Reg. His name was John and I will refrain from posting his last name as jokes will be unavoidable. but it is part of the company name.
  10. Are you running XP? I bet you are. Shaders 4.0 are only available on Vista, and that test is checking whether you can run it on Vista (ie DX10). You can run it, I assure you.
  11. Two things could be wrong:

    DX isn't fully updated. Try running the Web Updater MS put out and apply any DX updates it finds.


    Your trying to run the DX10 version of Crysis, which requires SM 4.0 (not avaliable on XP). Try running with the -DX9 in the launch bar and see if that does it.
  12. Err... As said above your trying the Vista version. Try the DX9 version. If Crysis required SM 4 most people wouldn't be able to run it period. Even if they had the hardware simply because it SM can't run on Windows XP.
  13. I have no problem running Crysis with the exact same card.
  14. Maybe the can u run it test hasn't added the 4870x2 to its database because when i first got my 9800gx2 i ran the test on it and it failed every game.
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