nvidia optimized games make the 200 series better than 4000 series???

hi, i am building a new computer around december with the 2.93ghz i7 cpu, ddr3 ram, and now im looking at the graphics card.

I saw that Fallout 3 is optimized for Nvidia,as well as many of the other games. If i can afford it i want a 4870x2, but since i probally wont im looking at either the 4870 1GB or the 260 core 216. they are both aroung $300 and offer very similar performance, but im wondering if the nvidia will be a better choice becuase fallout 3, and many other games i want are optimized for it. if anyone has any opinions on this plesae help me out. thanks.
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  1. Most of the time it's a lot of bull..some games work better on Nvidia, other games on ATi.
    Go with whatever gives you the best value.
    The 4870 is a fabulous card and I switched to it from 2x8800gtx and never been happier.
  2. Think of it this way, on those NVidia optimized games they are "competitive" but don't dominate. Says something eh?

    Inversely ATI doesn't win on all non NVidia optimized games either. The whole NVidia optimzed games is more about marketing than anything else.
  3. the only time it really made any difference was the mysterious disappearence of dx10.1 in assasin's creed....
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