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i recently had a hard drive crap out on me and used it as an oppourtunity to upgrade my OS to vista 32bit. I am running an Intel Dual 2.66ghz 2gigs of ram and a Nvidia 7600 GS. I also had to update my wireless adapter since AT&T doesnt have vista drivers for the one i had installed. It is a Netgear WN121T.

now to the root of the issue. i play a fair bit of WoW and b4 the changes i was running at a steady 60fps except in major cities where i would drop to 45(which was not outside of my expectations). Now i am running at 52 fps outside of a city and 8-15 in a city and 27 in the various dungeons and battlegrounds. Its not only WoW either. I have a free MMO called lunia which is far less system intensive and have serious freezing and jumping. Im having the same issue with TF2.

My GF is running the exact same system specs outside of her GPU being newer but same video card ram size and has none of these issues.

I have SP1 and all the latest drivers.

Thanx in advance for your time and any insight u can give me
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  1. Vista often runs slower than XP on same hardware. Check if you are running low on available RAM.

  2. Yep. Check how much RAM you have, if it's under 2Gb, I'd advise getting another 2Gb. Other thing, do you have any games that don't use your internet connection you can test? If something that isn't online is suffering, also, then we can rule out that your wireless adapter isn't working properly.
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