Controls for brothers in arms hell highway

I just got brothers in arms hell's highway and when I start I keep spinning in a circle.... I configured everything to the keyboard and mouse and still no luck please someone help.
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  1. Same problem here to. I'm stuck looking up at the sky spinning around in a circle?

    Even tryed to use my usb ps2 pad, but the game wont pick it up for some reason? can anyone help us out please.
  2. Does it do this every time you start a new game, or continue from the save made at the start of a new game? Ive had this in games before where ive saved or done something whilst moving and its 'remembered' the control being pressed upon reloading. Usually restarting or loading a previous save works though...
  3. If you guys have usb game pads hooked up,disconnect them prior to playing the game and see if the problem stops,this is a problem I have had with UT3 engine games......
  4. I had this exact problem. Drove me nuts. I disconnected my joystick from the usb port and now the game works fine.
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