Where is the tutorial in X3:Reunion?

(I know there's other X3 threads but I went some pages back and couldn't find any)

Finally got around to trying X3:Reunion. I Updated and installed 2.5 patch before starting the game.

A curious thing:

The manual clearly states "It is recommended you play through the first tutorial....". Problem is, the only tutorial I can find is some sort of battle scenario that doesn't explain anything, plus two "bonus scenarios". Starting a new game doesn't seem to explain much either.

Googling "X3: Reunion tutorial" didn't really get me anywhere; gamespot for instance states no tutorial exists.

I tried mucking through the hard way with the manual open in front of me, pressing buttons to see what happens. Frustratingly, my gamepad doesn't correspond to the functions in the manual and I don't want to remap without knowing anything abut the controls. Don't even ask about my joystick - it didn't work for X2 and was useless here as well.

Am I missing something stupidly simple? I know I've done it before.
Or did the tutorial not make it into the final game?

This game would be a difficult task without one.
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  1. The tutorial is basically the start of the storyline where you learn how to fly, how to use jump gates, and how to fight. Apart from that you're pretty much on your own, picking up bits from the storyline.

    The game itself is huge, and amazing, and does take a lot of time to get fully used to, but it's quite a lot of fun when you eventually get a battleship and have 2 frigates at your flanks wreaking havok through the galaxy from a space station you own :)
  2. So just hang with it, huh? Will do. I'm definitely intrigued.

    Maybe I'll scrap the Idea of using a Gamepad/keyboard combo and just go with mouse/Keyboard.

    I went through the first jumpgate, but there's just so much info on the screen I don't understand I gave up, restarted and just flew around the first part trying to figure things out.

    It took me 5 minutes to find out how to get my messages lol.
  3. Kinda steep learning curve, but it's a fun game.
  4. Gamepad doesn't have enough buttons for X3, stick with the keyboard/mouse combo. Even with a joystick it goes keyboard/joystick as far as I know so... yea.

    Good luck with your interstellar empire ^^
  5. I had the same problem, I got this game earlier in the year.

    After about 10 minutes I found myself aimlessly floating through space.

    I started again, assuming I'd missed some instruction: same outcome.

    I gave up and haven't been back to it since. I'm sure it's a great game, but it does a very poor job of explaining how to play the game and wtf you're supposed to be doing.
  6. yeah, jay_l_a - I found your thread (which I participated in) after I posted this one.

    X2 had a huge tutorial. What gives with X3?

    Still - I'm not giving up. The rewards seem to be great.
  7. It's very satisfying learning to play the game yourself besides being taken by the hand through it. It's a feeling that, in my opinion, should be in more games these days.

    Anyway, just take your time, look at what things do, even keep a notepad file open (or an actual notepad) so you can keep track of little things you find out. Also makes it easier to set up trade routes if you make note of who sells and buys what resource.
  8. Indeed, it's fun to work things out. I just found there was too little explanation in X3. I was dumped into this huge world after being show how the fire the lasers, and I had NO idea what to do.

    Too much freedom after 10 minutes gameplay, with such a complex game is detrimental. I don't consider myself a lightweight gamer, and I enjoy depth in a game, but X3 just had me scratching my head.

    An idea of what I was even remotely supposed to be doing would have been helpful. Maybe I'll fire it up again at some point, I didn't uninstall it.

    The inability of the game to recognize my Saitek X45 flightstick (despite having options for joysticks) also irked me.
  9. Well it does kinda show you where to go next, some guy calls you up and asks you to meet him on a station. It does dump you into the thick of it though. Reminds me of EVE with nicer graphics :p
  10. yeah, found the original thread too:


    When I get time (not til next week) I may fire it up and see if I can get into it.

    After reading the other thread, I realize I probably have the starforce b*llsh!t installed, as I think I may have run the game before installing the patch. grrrrrrrrr

    X3: Terran Conflict will be released in 3 days.

    I suppose I need to get the first game 'completed' before then ;)
  12. http://apricotmappingservice.com/X3-Handbook-1-11-framework.html

    this is v1.1 of the "official" fan made handbook (also ships with v2.0 of the game). It covers every aspect of the game in detail and is written for both beginners and veterans.

    I have to say you couldn't have been looking too hard for game help! There's a healthy X community at the egosoft forums.
  13. forgot to add - the handbook is actually a compilation of many different guides written by random people so its a bit rough but everything you need is there.
  14. I browsed the egosoft forums.

    It's overloaded with threads; I didn't feel like registering anyway.
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