WoW patch 3.0.2

I was very disappointed today when i was home for lunch... I tried to get some WoW in and instead got a blizzard update downloader w\ 2.6gb total!!! omg! well, the first 1.9 was just a hash check and i thought maybe it would be 100% ready but nope.

So i went to read about the patch and they've added/removed alot of stuff from the game.

My main is a paladin and overall I'm really excited to see the changes of abilities and what not... not sure if i will need to completely re-spec or waht. hopefully its not a pain. most of the changes and additions only seemed like huge bonuses to me and would make my pally even more of a a beast than he already is.
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  1. Ok!

    This is the pre-patch for the new expantion Wrath of the Lich King.
    I can only assume you have been living in a box, as this has been the big news in WoW for about 3 months (ever since we saw some talent changes that would stop high end raiding).
    Every class has been altered - for Palas you are losing your Blessings, and retri gets silly buffage.

    Your talent points will be refunded when you get to login.
  2. I got re-specc'd and it seems to be ok...

    My first impression was pretty good. I'm going to have to adjust my play style a little but not too much. I repsecc'd 41 holy 8 prot (blessing of kings / stoicisim)

    I was worried that mana costs were being increased but they are all decreased !! also, they made hammer of wrath instant cast + effective for people w\ 35% or less hp ( used to be 20% or less) thats really cool.

    While fighting a mob of 56-58's... there were at least 8 of them i discovered that I now heal for 3000+ too LOL thats nice!

    All and all I'm happy w\ the patch. Only downside I noticed is that it seemed like I was taking alot more dmg than usual- this could be due to respeccing and losing defense rating or something.
  3. Well ive heard scary things about retri at 70, have a look at your 51 point talent called Divine Storm, i would suggest speccing into that for leveling.

    Other nice things are the Glyph's that you can view on the Auction House that alter your abilities.
    For example the Hammer of Justice glyph increases the stun duration by 1 second.

    Seems a good patch, but theres so much thats new...its hard to take it all in.

    My baby Rogue has got a few new moves i need to get my head round...should make killing you Pala's a bit easier though :D
  4. I dont think horde likes me !

    right after I respecced I was grinding and got 5-6 HK's... and saturday I had several. somehow this undead priest killed me, then when i respawned he was waiting for me and i owned him. Then was healing and about to leave and he had respawned, didn't heal or anything and started attacking again... seriously! lol

    this other guy did that too.. i was fighting these elites over in winter... whatever, and this guy comes and takes the thorium vein i was going to mine after battle... and as soon as he finishes mining it he starts attacking me, and i only had 50% hp and mana... i raped him. and then he did not want to try his luck again.

    Holy shock + hammer of wrath instant cast = pwnage
  5. Personally i kill Palas on sight now you have been tremendously buffed.

    You get nerfed very soon though ehehheheheheh xD
  6. I like the new patch, seems they have taken a few things out of diablo 2.

    Like the warriors can now use 2h swords in 1h (if fury specced).
    From what I've seen pallies got a fairly big buff in the patch. Then again so did alot of other classes. Regardless, I kill them on site as well. My mains a lock so it isn't to hard usually :p

    It's always good to add new aspects to the game though. Means more to learn! More to do!
  7. If you see a warrior with dual 2handers then you got an easy day. If he has one then you are getting a whooping.

    How does that figure eh?! Bladestorm > Titans Grip
  8. Fury warriors can now wield 2H weapon on 1H?! OK, I have been living in a box for ages and time to take my level 60 warrior, blow the dust off the cover, and do the leveling game.

    I have respec'ed my Shaman from a caster to a melee and gosh, now the killing of mobs seem so much faster and the down time is manageable. Loving this new patch so far. But I agree, so much to take in.

    Btw, now hunters can tame those exotic pets like the hound dogs and so on? I have seen a few running around and I got shocked.
  9. Yea hunters got massive buffs. Stay well away from Surv specced hunters (the one without the exotic pets).
    Dual wielding 2handers is the new 51 point Fury talent and it comes with a -15% hit modifier. Add that to the 27% and you have a 42% chance to miss which requires a LOT of hit rating to see any benefits from.

    Enhancement shaman has always been high Dps, ive pushed out over 2k on some Tier 6 bosses. But now theyre buffed even more they are steamrollering anything not in high armor.

    Rogues.....meh. Im looking with envy at other classes tbh.
  10. Yeah, Fury can now equip 2 2 Handers at a time, but as pr2thej said, it's inferior to other warrior specs at the moment. If you spec TG, you don't have enough points to get Impale and Deep Wounds in the arms tree. Deep wounds alone causes about 20-30% of warriors damage at the moment due to a change in it's mechanics. Also, TG is still nerfed live with a huge miss penalty (12%), but this will change in the next patch (5%) along with Bloodthirsts cooldown being reduced to 5 seconds (from 6). It may be more viable then, but personally I'll be sticking with my 2 1 hander fury spec till level 75 when I have enough points to make TG work well. On the beta at 80, TG is insane. :)
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