Cant fathom reformatting

Dell Dimension 2350
Intel 82845 Graphics chip

Out of the blue was updating the office computers. Tried to install the new drivers for the 82845 graphics chipset it keeps telling me access denied. Manually installed the drivers, all files were copied to their destinations and at the very end of the process it gave me a screen which said.An error occurred during the installation of the device access is denied.I have deleted all previous drivers, also tried to load in safe mode, nothing at all. I'm stumped updated drivers before on this computer no problems now all of a sudden it won't.No i'm not logged in as admin. I do have admin priv. from what I could see when I checked.I updated the drivers under this log in before, and the priv. were the same.
The system is set up, net to router router to 4 computers straight and easy
I'm at my wits end.Help me, Please 640x480 is not a pretty screen.
P.S. Rollback did nothing.System Restore is turned off.
Its a Dell Dimension 2350(work computer) even tried Dell drivers.As far as I could check I have all permissions granted to me.Any more info needed just ask, I will be checking back often

P.S. Update just got back to work.To try some new stuff on this comp.
Found it was infected with 5 different Trojans.Now all clean.
Fresh restart, still the Access Denied message during video driver install.
I'm running out of ideas, Other than reformat or fresh installation of XP Pro.

Man, It's Sure Fun To Waste Money On.......
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  1. try logging on as local admin if you can. just cause you have been given local admin privlidges doesnt mean you deffinately can install devices. are you attatched to a domain? are the computers controled by a higher entity that you have no control over? they could have left you in the admin group but put an implicit deny for installing drivers on your account. counter-strike game server -
    now featuring valve security module!
  2. no im not in a domain
    but theoretically can I just unplug from the system and go directly into the cable modem cutting off all other sources.

    Man, It's Sure Fun To Waste Money On.......
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