StarCraft II Lead Producer Talks Trilogy

Article by Rob Wright

Tom's Games sits down with Chris Sigaty, the lead producer for StarCraft II, to find out more about Blizzard's decision to split the RTS sequel into a trilogy as well as the development of the games.
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  1. i wonder how they do pricing.. if i pay full(or nearly full) price of $140+ total. i would expect able to give 2nd and 3rd cd-key to my friend for once i done with SP. afterall... if they make/pricing as complete different product then there no reason why i can't give the game to my friend once i done.
  2. Am I the only person to wonder what happened to Blizzard's policy on "We are not going to release it until it's done" ? :sarcastic:

    If it's too much content to release on the "release date" which hasn't even been confirmed yet officially.... why not wait with releasing t he game until it IS all ready....

    I'm sure a great many of us wouldn't mind spending 60 quid, €80 or $100 on the full game. Be it collector's edition or otherwise, but with all the basic single-player and multi-player content - out of the box - rather than buying a game for the full whammy of $60, €50 or 40 pounds times THREE...

    I don't mind waiting another year or even two for the full game.... but please Blizzard: I liked the we'll release it when it's done attitude better.

    At least then you can enjoy the full product and truly immerse yourself instead of having to wait X years after the first release in order to continue the campaigns.

    TBH: I'll buy it once, play the campaign and then hit multi-player.... I for one am not buying into the commercial crud. (You can bet your buns that many a player will feel the same and simply buy the game once for the multiplayer and the first campaign, and simply download the other two parts for their single player campaigns and then just carry on playing the multiplayer option on their original product.)

    Then if they counteract this by introducing new content that is only available in single and multi-player if you buy the above mentioned second and third parts I think it's sad.... really sad .... first you release a third of a game instead of a whole game, and then you "force" people to buy the "expansions" at a "full game price", just for the extra units and or buildings they could otherwise not have. And why ? Only to be able to play all the races in all their splendor with friends and family....

    If this is the way they choose ...and they are truly meant to be expansions ... then offer them at reduced price ... and do not force people to buy the game three times.

    That's 2 cents from a veteran Blizzard gamer....
  3. I agree. I hope that they are not going to charge the full $60 a pop per game. I was upset when i heard this because I too wish they would just wait until all of the campaigns where done and spend more time further debugging the parts that were finished. We have waited this long I do not believe a little longer would kill anyone.

    I can understand though where they are coming from in wanting to release it separately and bring in more revenue. I just hope they don't expect us to pay full price for each expansion.

    I guess we will just have to wait and see.
  4. +1 , i would have waited. Blizzard was so good at keeping the sc2 secret. They could have released lich king and then diablo 3. then announced tat all campaigns r ready 4 starcraft. I dont think their doing it 4 money. WoW has made their pockets bottemless. Just playing around with the fans.
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