A7N8X Problems galore!

Wow I miss checkin my messages on here and looks how many peeps with an A7N8X havin problems. I feel better its not just me. Anyone have any tips on how to return my MB to asus? I've only rma'd once through a retail place online but I bought my MB at a store Fry's to be exact and they only offer a 15day return policy any suggestions?
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  1. I read every a7n8x mobo post on this board just to keep up with the problems.

    My conclusion about the problems is that it is more common to see mobo problem questions listed here then "I love a7n8x". Understand what I mean?

    Second, it seems that people tend to come here and post instead of first working out their problems mostly due to inexperience.

    Third, due to that inexperience they are looking for others to give them a path, some indication, to the solution to their problems.

    Fourth, there's some misperception in every post. If there weren't there'd be no need to post.

    Finally, if you have a problem with a board, return it immediately. Who cares if the mobo manu has to suffer by all the returns. Return it and hopefully restore your faith in the board and the company. If the problem goes away, problem solved. If it doesn't then we could/should discuss the repeat issue here. I'd rather have a good working board that I paid $150.00 for then one that I had to tweak to make work.

    Concluding I'd say most of the poblems people write about here are due to their inexperience then it would be attributable to the mobo, or it is caused by some other piece of equipment attached to the mobo such as memory.
  2. So far my a7n8x has been just perfect for me. I only had one problem and that was fixed pretty easily.
  3. I haven't had any plroblems with my A7N8X either, in fact I love my board. I had an MSI kt4 Ultra before I got this board, and while the MSI board was good, I got huge performance boosts when I switched mobo's to this one. Just as long as I don't use the drivers straight from nvidias website, the 2.03's, they give me horrible trouble, but if i use the all-in-one's from asus.com(1.16) then it works perfect.

    Asus A7N8X Deluxe
    AMD Athlon Xp 2700+ @ 2.3GHz
    512Mb Corsair PC3000 Dual-Channel RAM
    ATi Radeon 9700 Pro 340/330
    3dmark2001se Score = 16117
    3dmark2003 Score = 5101
  4. I also have not had any problems with this board, except for a faulty bios reading for cpu temperture, but hey, nothing in the world is ever perfect.

    a7n8x Deluxe
    xp 1800+ tbred o/c'd to 2000+
    512 pc2400 ddr corsair
    geforce4 ti4200 128mb
    2 80 gb s.e. western digital drives
    plextor 12/10/40 cd-rw
  5. I also have not had any problems with this board, except for a faulty bios reading for cpu temperture, but hey, nothing in the world is ever perfect.

    a7n8x Deluxe
    xp 1800+ tbred o/c'd to 2000+
    512 pc2400 ddr corsair
    geforce4 ti4200 128mb
    2 80 gb s.e. western digital drives
    plextor 12/10/40 cd-rw
  6. I'm just not certain I'm gonn keep mine...
    A7n8x (non dlx)
    Athlon XP 1700+ @1992
    (2) 512M DDR 2700
    ATI Rage 128 Pro Ultra 32M AGP
    40G WD 7200
    Lite-On CDRW
    Artec DVD

    It's pushin a fullly loaded W2k Server,IIS,SQL,FTP,BackOffice,Exchange,.Net, VStudio and goodies... - and does do databases swiftly(and I do mean FAST compared to a PIII 1.2 box), but I understand why there are so many problems with it!

    It can't detect "Squat", Nada, Nothing, when you install an OS on it!!!!
    It even puts errors in the Event viewer for both W2k and XP for controller errors and Atapi parity errors on the initiaal install. Ya have to get the OS in Before ya can put in the nForce drivers and can do anything - which makes it a real pain in the butt, primarally because it didn't see the LAN on inital install, which makes god only knows how many restarts just to get network identification into it and access what ya need! The best thing to do with this mobo is to put a NIC in it that gets detected(and configs) on the initail install, then ya can RocknRoll... Anyway, ya can't do anything with it till ya get the onboard drivers into it...

    I've got about 25 days left to return it... and there's good reasons to..
    Its gonna be a "Recovery Nightmare" due the its required, repeated, restart, installation sequence... and...
    It Flat Does Not Work as Advertized! - It Won't run a PCI Vidio card!!!

    And, What's the chances that that Any Linux distribution will ever be able to run on this mobo!!! ( Linux drivers are always a LEAST a year behind and this mobo has how many unique drivers on it!!!)

    It's gonna be a Hi-Maintenance box!

    However, it does get good numbers, and really smokes databases...
    Just don't know about this thing yet, if I keep a detectable Nic in it, and can get a PIC vidio card for work, might be a keeper...
  7. The driver issue is the one that bothers me the most. I downloaded the 2.03 drivers and while I didn't have as many problems as some other peeps there was a significant preformance degradation esp. when xp boots. I rolled back to 1.16 and everythings cool now. I've got the g bios and allthough everyone claims they had trouble with that one I have yet to experience any issues. This really drives home the point that they really needed to get their stuff together before releasing the bios or drivers. Prob not just an ASUS issue but has implications on the industry as a whole. That's my 2c.

    Regarding your problem, you have a classic ID10T error code. Do you have the box the computer came in? ARRRGH
  8. This is what drives me crazy with these darn machine (attach seatbelts prepared for a quick rant).

    You buy a top of the line board. You spend good money. You don't go the cheap route. And what do you get? Uncertainty. Which BIOS do I use? Whose drivers do I use? Which version of those drivers do I use? What a bunch of horsecrud. The manufacturer of any motherboard should have a simple outline of exactly how to get your board setup with the best drivers in 10 minutes. But they don't. They make you wonder and try 5 different combinations and permutations until you figure it out through trial and error. And by the time that is done, your registry is all messed up from all these different versions being installed. So you then have to reinstall the operating system again. And then you find out a week later that something is not working. So you go through the whole process again. Finally, you've got something working. And then all the different parties release a whole new set of drivers and a new BIOS release, and you play the game again. And this time you can't exactly reinstall the o/s without losing weeks of work. And that darn MS activation might not even let you reinstall again.

    Crap, it makes me wanna buy a premade like a Dell. And that is the scariest thing I've ever said.
  9. If you read the faq at the nforcehq site you should be able to resolve your driver issues.

    As far as the person with the long list of issues those really seem to stem from his memory errors he indicated as partiy errors at start up.

    He should put in 1 lower capacity memory stick and install clean and then monitor. Later, if things work out, replace that with his 2 512mb sticks.
  10. Sounds alot like memory errors. Reseat the memory. If that doesn't work download memtest86 and test it out thoroughly. Swap out your memory with say 1 256mb stick of ram and try a clean install.

    I can confidently say that that board does normally detect what you have and prompt you for the drivers. If the OS, XP or Win2k doesn't have drivers natively, which it should NOT, then it has to prompt you for the CD.
  11. Jimbo99,
    Yes, you're right, I was wrong here, and stand correted!!!
    Devices are "Detected" on the initial OS install and first desktop...

    I should have said, "No Devices, Nada, Nothing" can be "installed" from the initail OS CD install, leaving you with a whole lot of "? Unknown device"s and IDE and Atapi controllers drivers that producing Errors on the Event log...

    And your also right, the "Found New Harware" Wiz does pop up the first time ya get to tthe desktop! But ya better just cancel it and not respond! It's perhaps best to cancel all the "Found New Hardware" startups, and just put in the Asus Mobo CD - it will AutoStart" and can install all the drivers with Nforce 2000/XP 'AllIn1One"... The Ide Controller and Atapi Parity errors go away once ya install the correct nForce drivers...

    It's not an easy "OutABox" - If fact, its a bit of a tuffie. You gotta make more than a few correct choices, plus know how to get the right stuff!
    Not everybody knows how to do that (like the inexperience you refered to up the thread) - and that's where Problems Galore are commin from...

    An A7n8x, Out of the Box is a bit of an Itch...

    For those who want try one themselves - if ya have LAN access to the NET, put in your own NIC that gets detected, "And Installed", and initiates the Network Configuration Wiz the initial OS install - then when ya get to the first desktop ya can go find the current drivers! - otherwise you've allready missed the First Class/Fast Path install - your stuck with the "Slow Boat" Repetitive, Feed Me, Restart sequence...
  12. I have a pci video card running but not very good I think. Its a gold ol Tnt 2. Haven't played any games recently because neverwinter is to choppy where my k6-500 and tnt2 ran smoother. I need to scrounge up some money and get the 9700 pro
  13. many peeps buy the asus board and dont know in reality how to use it and they return it, not cuase its bad cuase they dont know how to build a comp.when and if u purchase a top of the line board u need to learn how that boards works, when u dont know what ur doing u say its bad but in real life nothing wrong with it but ur abilty to build it the right way
  14. Allright Stormfurry, I got the same pic card here, intalled it, (first uninstalled the existing Ati AGP wich was runnin smooth, perhaps not fast but smooth even runnin vidio previews from hollywood.com stramin thru mediaplayer9, and shuttin down, and goin to standby)

    The nvidia tnt2 comes up detected by w2k, can be changed to 1024-16 bit color, lookin good, shutdown goes - DUMPO - nv_agp.sys at like Eb4........ Reboot...
    Strandby does the same........... Reboot...

    When i installed, I powered down. Powered up, hit Del, and loaded the big screen "Load Setup Default!... Saved, Checked it - It worked-CDROM is now last on the boot sequence again... tried everything again from clean to everything!
    nForce drivers are from asys site, Asus OEM cd does the same. hard disk is pure W2k, sp3, all criticals applied,
    Bon of a Sitch - Nothin but mobo, pci vidio, wd harddisk, defaults, Dumpo!! and Dummy(me)

    So you can shut down? goto Standby?
    How do ya do it?
  15. I get a nv_agp error when I try to shutdown. Only thing I ever did was install the asus drivers from the cd and I did get a driver from the video card website for win xp. What exactly is your problem, i'm so tired and trying to cram some homework together right now that I can't think straight.
  16. So you get a nv_agp.sys error on shutdown too…
    I also get a nv_agp.sys error on shutdown…
    Plus a Reboot loop… Standby errors too…

    Much appreciation here, do your stuff, later, and thanks again…

    Well, PCI vidio on a7v8x’s – it’s a Buckin Fug!
    It's nothing you or I are doing...
    Shouldn’t be that way, but we may have to live with for a while, til fixed, if ever…

    I’ve tried everything, and it’s disappointing that what seams to otherwise be a good runnin mobo, lacks critical versatility and reliability – no shutdown or standby usually renders the entire power management sub system non functional.

    Have reported the bug to Asus.
    Will report the bug to Nvidia.
    It’ll probably fall on deaf ears…
    Anyone wanta make guess as to when it gets fixed – if Ever???
    (I predict – Never! – a new chipset Nforce3 first…)
  17. Do you own one of these boards? I've been building systems for at least 10 years. These a7n8x boards are crap. I have three of them, and all three have quit working in a 3 month period. All with different hardware specs, which makes it pretty obvious, considering the only thing in common is the motherboards. One wont post for no reason I can find.Everything powers up, but now video, or boot no matter if I switch out all the hardware. The other just loops "failed memory test" no matter what kind oif memory you put in it. The other keeps corupting the BIOS, when I choose to save the the video goes bad, and BIOS is not saved. There are way to many similar and consistent problems with each of my boards that point to the motherboard as the prolem. All the hardware works on our Giga-byte, and Soyo motherboards. Asus just produced lemmons with these boards, it happens sometimes with new designs and chipsets. Its always safer to buy the second rev of any board.Should have taken my oen advice here!

    Best Regards,
    Lonnie Bailey
  18. Your lucky, and I would recomend not changing or modifying it from this point on. I build systems for a living, so I have to test lots of hardware in these boards, and the more you modify them the more peroblems arise. We have a few that worked flawlessly, until we tested other hardware, or modified the BIOS. THe less you mess the safer you are.

    Best Regards,
    Lonnie Bailey
  19. Sorry, but that is not the case here, but very common, I agree. Stores are pulling the A7N8X & Deluxe from the shelves. They dont do that because of user errors, or inexperience. When a systems designer calls and say, hey, I need to return a dozen boards, something is worng!

    Best Regards,
    Lonnie Bailey
  20. I have an a7n8x, tbred 1800+ o/c'd to a 2000+, 512mb pc2400, 2 80 gig hard drives, ti4200... and i don't have any problems with it except for a faulty temperture sensor on the motherboard. It's rock stable, had it up for 2 weeks no problem
  21. What kind of memory are you running on the system that has a no post?? Guess you got bad luck with these boards. I love mine so far and has been running stable for about a month and a half.
  22. "Anyone wanta make guess as to when it gets fixed – if Ever???"

    Guess we'll have to get an AGP video card. I'm selling off almost all my baseball cards to get the money, so if anyone collects cards I might have something you want.

    "It’ll probably fall on deaf ears"

    Most likely. How do I quote people instead of copy and pasting.
  23. The fastest and most stable machine I've ever built. I've built 4 A7N8X Deluxe systems with different specs and none of them have problems. Of course, I'm not trying to run operating systems that are outdated either. There is no reason to be running anything less than Win2k or XP on a Windows box unless you're still watching old <font color=purple>Future Crew</font color=purple> assembly demos! (<font color=red>Heh, those ruled!</font color=red>) I even took an old Pentium III system, upgraded the motherboard, ram, and CPU to the specs listed below and did a Windows XP repair option to reinstall the OS without wiping clean. Of course, I was a good little boy and had my drivers on CD ready for the install and it works 100% with all the benchmarks where they're supposed to be. My friend has 2 A7N8X systems and the only problem he had was a dead CMOS battery. He ordered from Newegg and they got a bad batch apparently. I ordered all mine from Monarch Computers.

    <font color=purple>AMD XP 2200+, A7N8X, 512mb PC3200 Corsair XMS DDR, Geforce3 Ti-500, Audigy Platinum, TDK 48x CDRW, Lite-On 16x DVD, XP Pro, and more neon than a ghetto sled </font color=purple>
  24. Ya, I got and AGP card back in it and it runs ok...

    Tis a pitty it needs an AGP vid card to use its stuff, like wake up to get a fax, or answer a Lan request

    Your Riva TNT ain't all that bad a card, that's a better business upgrade! I still use mine, plays DVDs, vidios, no problems - It was a pull from a Dell with a graphics upgrade!

    You wouldn't need to buy a new vidcard if we could get PCI vidio to Shutdown and Standby. You'd gain a whole relm of managed opperations, like sometimes I USB attach this ZanBoo Home Observation management system - (4 WebCams with motion sensors, into ZamBoo controller into the USP, 1 Cam is HiRes Infer-red Nite-Vision, a cat can't sneak by without being "Vidio Captured"
    I use that card on some respectable Vidio applications.

    You,ve got all the Vidio needed with that Ole TNT - and then some...

    Insdutry PIC vidio should work!!! without dumpin nv_agp.sys

    The squeaky get the oil, I think it can be easily fixed. Its the stuff in the GART directory of the nForce driver - that's where nv_agp resides, it's DriverVer = 09/06/2002, 2.7.8 - and due for an update

    Maybe if we send Nvidia email that we'll never buy a dozen of em till they fix the dump in nv_agp.sys when using industry std PCI vid cards,
    You( and i) won't have to buy and new Vidcard for it!
  25. Why would you buy a ferrari, yet put a cheap oil filter in it, put the absolute cheapest spark plugs in it you can find, put mini-van tires on it, and expect it to still run like a ferrari? You have a PCI video card in it man, cmon now. Go out, get an agp video card. That's the root of all your problems.
  26. I've tried several, PC2700, PC3000, PC3200, PC3500. 1 stick, 2 stick, 3 sticks and all Corsair. I also tried a few other brands, since I have access to most any hardware for my job. It just doesn't seem to matter. I dont think the problems with these boards have ever been a memory issue. It is more likely the chips set voltage. I checked the voltage on these boards and it is not stable at all. So when you have tweakers out there trying to push these boards, it causes problems with the voltage, and many different things can go wrong once the voltage starts moving out of range, but most look at the Memory since that is what they were tweaking. I tested all the memory in other machines now and all modules are rock solid.

    I'm not the only one having the problem, it's definately a manufacturing problem, because they are pulling them off the shelves in a lot of stores. I also noticed better voltage control on other nForce2 boards which must stabalizes the voltage problem. So, there is evidence that other companies did run into chipset voltage problems.

    Best Regards,
    Lonnie Bailey<P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by lbailey949 on 02/20/03 00:45 AM.</EM></FONT></P>
  27. That not suprissing I had one run for a month and a half with no problems. You run into problems when you start messing with them. There is a voltage problem with these boards, and if you get lucky and get a stable one, or dont fuss with it much, like changing out ten diffrent memory modles, graphic cards, bios changes, and so forth you CAN get lucky and have it work for you just fine. I had mine running at 200/200 SYNC with only PC3000 memory at one time. Until you hit that wall where the voltage starts going crasy on you, you are fine. I would recommend, not messing with your machine in the future, if it's working ok. Odds are you will hit that problem somewhere down the line if you do mess with the board enough. It's my job to mess with them, so I have to.

    It's good when it's good, but it's bad when it goes bad!

    Best Regards,
    Lonnie Bailey
  28. I repair and build computers for a living. Been working in the industry for nearly 20 years.

    I know that most boards have some issues. This board isn't an exception. It, by no means, is a crappy board nor crappy design. The board is readily available in stores that sell them and no one in my area is pulling them off the shelves. If they want to sell them cheap to get rid of them, I'm game, hehe. I'll take as many as I can afford, lol.

    Now, the A7N266 variety of boards has given me nothing but gruff. Had nothing but a slew of problems with them. In every case where I had even the slightest problem I exchanged them immediately at the store for another. Got some frowns but at least I have satisifed customers with stable machines.

    I've read some controversy about this board, long after having established a rock solid trust in mine (deluxe model) and have gone looking for the overall cause to the controversy. In most cases it is due to adding components that are very much out of date or just faulty overall. I doubt that anyone would fail to experience these same problems on any motherboard replacement--in other words, these same people, had they bought an MSI, or chaintech, etc., they would have run into the same problems because most of what I have read (problems and final solutions) have stemmed from old marginal or old faulty components being added to a modern motherboard.

    There is a FAQ and nforcehq that many can read to overcome some of the issues.

    My estimation is that this is a very good board, high in quality, with most of the bugs being ironed out with various bios/driver updates.

    But, if you get a bad board DON'T hang with it. Take it back. Don't waste your time and increase your frustration. And finally, if there is no way to satisfy you, then return it and buy another manufacturer. No one will think less of you for doing so.
  29. "I dont think the problems with these boards have ever been a memory issue."

    I disagree on that. Corsair admitted to having pc3500/3200 that had different SPD that would have the nforce2 mobos not post (not sure if it was just asus). These bad SPD sticks were the older ones so only a few people got the bad memory sticks for the board.
  30. Na, its not the memory I have tons of different modules and different speed in many brands. We researched the problem in detail, and found it to be a factor of several different issues. The bottom line is that the board is comprised of to many new technologies at once. The support for 333MHz Processors, as well as the new chipset, driver and bios. I consider rev 1 boards beta testing, so some problems are expected.

    Best Regards,
    Lonnie Bailey
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