Asus, M50V-B1 or G Series G50V-X1. Plz suggest!

I cant decide which one i should go with, i mean ive been reading the reviews of both laptops, i dont really care about the price. I just want to know which Laptop will be faster.
ASUS G Series G50V-X1 NoteBook

or the...
ASUS M50 Series M50Vm-B1 NoteBook

both seem good, i sort of like the M50Vm-b1, it seems more stable and has a better processor, but the reviews on both sides are hard to determine which would be fast for games and what not.
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  1. I just bought the Asus G50V-X1 from Bestbuy. Listed with N9800M GS 512k graphics. Vista device manager states 9800 GT , but the sticker on the laptop states Geforce 9800M GS 512k. The hard drive is listed as 320GB I have about 298GB free space in two partitions. I believe there is a hidden partition taking up space. 4GB DDR2 Ram. Intel 8400 duo core 2.26GHZ cpu. You can push a button and over clock the CPU to about 2.49 GHZ. So far I like the laptop. I don't know which is considered best though. The hard drive is listed as a ST9320421AS in the device manager, which has 7200 rpm specs according to Seagates website, but the spec advertised is 5400rpm? The outside of the case is blue with a black keyboard and silver trim.
  2. According to Tech PowerUP GPU-Z 0.28 software the graphics chip in the Asus G50-x1 from bestbuy has the follow specs.

    NVIDIA Geforce 9800m GT
    GPU G94M
    memory 512K DDR3
    Shaders 64 unified
    Directx support 10.0/SM4.0
    Pixel Fillrate 8.5GPixels/s
    Texture Fillrate 17 GTexels/s
    Bus Width 256bit
    Bandwidth 51.1 GB/s
    GPU Clock 530mz
    Memory 799MHz
    Shader 1325mhz
    Nvidia SLI disabled
  3. The m series is geared toward business users and has a slower gpu although can get a fast cpu.

    The g series is geared toward gamers and has a faster gpu is some models.

    The best place to buy is GenTech PC VERY CUSTOMIZABLE or NewEgg.

    The Best Buy models are not the best available, although they are still very nice computers.
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