360 HDD upgrade discount-20GB hdd for $20. is it real??


I read on fudzilla that microsoft is giving away 512mb cards and discouted HDDs for people who bought arcade or core systems so they can fit the 128mb dashboard update that is coming next month. here is a link to that article


Besides reading it on fudzilla i havent heard any other references to it. I have a 360, but i dont have a Hdd for it, and with fable 2 only a week away(and fallout 3 coming soon) i was wondering if discount was real?? i bought the core version in march 2006, so im wondering if i would be eligable for the $20 20GB hard drive?? thats almost a saving of $80 off a new 20GB so if its real i'd love to get one for that price.

Bottom line is that i cant afford a regular priced HDD right now and this would be great if it was real, so if anyone has any info on this please share. thanks
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  1. Yes it is true; Microsoft's "New Xbox Experience" requires more memory to install than is available with previous "Arcade" units. If you do not have enough storage, you cannot get the update thus eliminating your ability to use Xbox Live at all. Microsoft basically has to do this, otherwise they won't be keeping up on their end of the deal when it comes to supporting ALL of the consoles they sell. I'd suggest jumping on a 20GB hard drive while you can, otherwise you may end up missing the opportunity. Another issue though, the hard drives are apparently refurbished, and I don't know what kind of warranty Microsoft will give you.
  2. It is genuine - click the link in the article!
  3. Credit to MS - done good with this deal
  4. i followed the links on the ms site, put in the id numbers and it said that my arcade system made me eligible for a 20gb hdd and 3 months of xbox live gold --all for $30. Honestly i have never liked microsoft more than i do right now.
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