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I have a 32 inch 720p LG TV, and I am wanting to buy a XBOX 360 soon. I am almost sure I am going to get a falcon premium one with the hdmi connection. However, I noticed considerable lag with my original xbox on this tv (like playing a baseball game, the pitching meter would stop like 2 seconds after I clicked the button). My question is: Will the 360 behave this way as well? Would it be better to just play on a CRT? I am also in the market for a 24 inch 1080p LCD monitor so I'm also wondering if that will work better.
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  1. TV`s aren't geared towards having a great response time especially the LCD. Definitely get a 24inch monitor as the interlacing you`ll get with the CRT looks bad.
  2. Ok, should a monitor with around a 5 ms response time do the trick?
  3. I'm running a 360 on either a tosh 32" or a sony 40" through HDMI, both behave perfectly. I'd suspect the lag is something else...

    Dell are doing a cheaper 24" at the moment which is 1920x1080 and not the usual monitor spec of 1920x1200...
  4. Go for a 24" with 1920x1200 resolution, if you can get something with both a HDMI and VGA (or DVI) input. That way you can hook up both your xbox 360 and pc to the 1 screen.

    The upcomgin upcoming Fall update adds 1920x1200 support to the xbox :)
  5. VGA at 19x12 is not great in fact may not even be possible isn't dual link dvi required for 19x12?
  6. and all my friends have LCD's, and we've never had an issue with lag with a console, 360 or otherwise...Lag isn't the TV's fault.
  7. Honesty, I'd take 1920x1080 over 1920x1200 due to issues the PS3/360 have with them. While it's true that the Xbox360's "New Xbox Experience" technically adds support for 1920x1200, you won't see any 360 games natively running at that resolution or aspect ratio. Your PC on the other hand will have no issues running games at 1920x1080 or 1920x1200 natively, so I'd try to stick with the lowest common denominator when using your display for multiple functions.
  8. First thing i'd do if i were you is actually get the 360 and see if you're happy with the picture. If not i would invest in a decent Samsung LCD, the new 6 series are fantastic for the price and have great response times. In my opinion they're the best bang/buck TVs on the market at the moment.

    However my 52" Pioneer Kuro 1080p is just the Dog's proverbials. Worth every penny.
  9. Ok, what about sound after hooking up the 360 to a monitor? Do I have any other options if the monitor I buy doesn't have speakers on it?
  10. Sound is a little bit tougher if you're going to be running a monitor as opposed to a television, but you have two options. Either buy a speaker system/receiver that supports optical input, or you can use an older stereo system that utilizes the old red and white rca audio inputs. Either one will be fine, but to back track a bit, I think the box is best experienced on an HDTV.

    Newer, and older for that matter, LCDs shouldn't have any lag problems with displaying video game content from a console. I'm unfamiliar with LG's HDTV lineup, but every Sony and Samsung I've ever used, and I've used a few, works very well with the 360. Instead of pumping money into a smaller monitor and relying on shoddy built in speakers or purchasing an aftermarket audio solution you should just buy a decent HDTV. Preferably one that supports full 1080p resolutions. Can't go wrong with that.
  11. Lol well a new HDTV isn't really in my budget at the moment. I've been looking at those Logitech Z-5500 and they look really nice. However, I have never really understood those optical input ports. Can anyone explain these too me and where the port is on the 360?
  12. quantumsheep said:
    However my 52" Pioneer Kuro 1080p is just the Dog's proverbials. Worth every penny.

    If you're satisfied with only a 52" screen.
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