laptop res 1920x1200 but wanna play lower res, help

my laptop 7811 fx, i want to play a lower resolution so i can get 60-100fps (i know its too much) cause i really dont want hitches while playing warhammer

now the screen is 17inches, native res is 1920x1200 and man any resolution lower than 1600x1200 looks like cow crap

now im wondering, is there any way i can make anything lower than 1600x1200 look as crisp as 1600x1200? if i change my desktop resolution (which is 1920x1200), to something lower, will it help make it look better?

yeah i agree 1920x1200 or 1600x1200 looks great but 30-40 fps sometimes i pay for it by sudden hitches when things get a little jiggy and i end up dying
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  1. set it to 1860x1050 or 1440x900..
    both are widescreen resolutions and you should be given the option for it in the menu.
  2. dang i dont have that resolution listen on the warhammer online option, or were you suggesting that as the desktop res?
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