Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway Review

Review by Kevin Parrish.

Ubisoft's World War II shooter franchise returns with Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway, which combines first-person shooter action with elements of real-time strategy gameplay. But does Hell's Highway really offer the genre anything new?
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  1. Sorry but that review was the worst piece of crap. Bad credit because the missions are too hard? "Don't have experience with tactical shooters, but bad company is really good" wtf?

    I just reviewed The Shining movie, I thought it was really long winded, had so many errors compared to the book, and btw I hate the horror genre. Though having said that, Scream was really good.

    You just don't say that, and you just don't write a review like that. Not saying the game is great, it's not, but it's pretty much everything the other BIA games were - side from the missing co-op :(
  2. Don't take this the wrong way, but I don't really care much about most reviews from Tom's Games, and the reason for that is that you guys use almost religiously the 360 as your review platform, even though this website is geared towards PC Hardware and consequently, PC Gaming.

    With that being said, I'm little torn about this game and I'd like some opinions as to whether is worth my time or not, for some reason I'm not really excited to play yet another WW2 Shooter (Even though I love shooters), but it looks like it could have some decent story to it. It's not like I don't have any other games to play, because Fallout 3 is coming in a week and TF2 is always there.

    So, some opinions? Preferably on the PC version.
  3. Battlefield 1942 imho Operation Market Garden is the best one out there...

    Lost ages on this game and still keep coming back...

    I will buy it later on and let you know..


  4. It's a very good game but if you have an ATI 4800 or maybe an ATI earlier card you can only get as far as the Black Friday level and then the game stops responding. Gearbox are trying to make a patch but should of known of the issue.
  5. emp said:
    Don't take this the wrong way, but I don't really care much about most reviews from Tom's Games, and the reason for that is that you guys use almost religiously the 360 as your review platform, even though this website is geared towards PC Hardware and consequently, PC Gaming.

    We have posted 32 PC game reviews compared to 25 Xbox 360 game reviews since we've been reviewing games. Of the 34 PC game reviews about 10 of those were available on a console system as well yet we chose to review them on PC. In the case of Stranglehold, we even waited the month or so for the PC version to come out before reviewing it.

    We know you guys prefer that we review the PC version of a game but in this case it wasn't possible. Normally, if we can choose the platform for a review, we decide based on where the game is being aimed. Sure, LEGO Batman and LEGO Indiana Jones came out on the PC alongside the console versions, but they are better played with a gamepad; which puts them in a console category in our opinion.

    You'll be pleased to know that we are definitely reviewing Far Cry 2 and Fallout 3 on PC and the PC platform is still near and dear to our hearts.
  6. Thank god for the Fallout 3 one, I'd feel violated if you didn't, even though I'm getting that for sure. Now I'm also looking forward to read the Far Cry 2 one as well, since anything that comes from Ubisoft needs to be carefully and thoroughly examined before purchase.

    Now that I read your review, I kinda agree on the Unreal Engine bit, I wish more developers would use other good engines like for example the Scimitar engine used in Assassin's Creed or even try to license the COD engine if that's possible at all. However I got a decent PC so I don't think I'll be running into any noticeable framerate issues.

    Ultimately my question is the following, is it worth my time? I got TF2 that keeps me really busy and I'll be sure to get Fallout 3 as soon as it's released, so it's not like I don't have anything else to keep my occupied. Or do you think I should just wait until the next gaming drought? (Spring 2009)
  7. Heya,

    I would really like to see more in a review other than the focus on glitches, action, gore, etc. All games have these. I'm more interested in what makes a game more cinematic, more polished. A really good game can be two colors, and two balls bouncing around. It doesn't take complex unique fresh things to make a new game. But it does take a lot of effort to polish your product and make it different and worth checking out compared to the other 100 titles that are just like it.

    I'd like to see more reviews including reviews on how the SOUND and MUSIC is in the game. I'm sick and tired of WEAK sounding weapons, crappy sound effects, really rotten dialog sounds and overall poor quality sampling on all of it. I want to see reviews on how well the game does with sound positioning, 5.1 and 7.1 channels of discrete audio, or is it just a lame software wrap around crap. War is loud. War is deafening. WWII weapons were not designed with quiet in mind. This game should be loud as hell to help engross and emerge yourself into it, and especially help those people with nice sound setups to want to experience it.

    Oh, and difficulty is GOOD. Games have become jokes in terms of difficulty lately. If we wanted to just "play along" with a "movie" type game, well, hell, just go to the theater. A game is supposed to have a challenge point to it. I'd say +1 to them for making it freaking hard! It's a war game, not freaking tic tac toe!

    Very best,
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