need 2 know how 2 play and run a mod game

I'm new to PC gaming and want to know if you had to have the game to run the mod. once you download it how do you get it up and runnnig.
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  2. i dunno me tinks if u didnt tipe like tis i would respect u alotmore and want 2 help u more.

    Other than your horrid typing, try using Google. It's not that easy to explain, as using mods are different from game to game. For most mods, it requires you to either extract the files into a certain folder (Oblivion is a good example) or you just run a provided installer and it does the work for you (NaturalMod for Crysis). What games in particular are you trying to download a mod for?

    Yes, you have to have the game title.

    On a side note, do not bother posting that you're 34. Unless you were drunk while typing this, I find it hard to believe this is how a 34 year old types.
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  4. At least he fixed it lol.
  5. what game? although you will always need the game for a mod, otherwise its not a mod is it :p
  6. Most game mods have installation instructions with them, either in the form of a readme that comes with the download, or visible on the actual download website.

    Thats about as specific an answer as can be given as the question is very vague. What games do you play the most?
  7. I don't understand the poll... but I want to vote anyway.

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