What is this, why would you buy this!?

<A HREF="http://www.newegg.com/app/viewproduct.asp?description=13-180-027&DEPA=1" target="_new">http://www.newegg.com/app/viewproduct.asp?description=13-180-027&DEPA=1</A>

An integrated via motherboard with a via 600 mhz processor?? for 143 dollars? Who would want this motherboard and for what reason would they want it. This is a semi-serious question also
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  1. Anyone who was ONLY going to run consumer office apps and wants a computer that is A: Very Cheap and B: Very Quiet (no CPU Fan necessary, unless I'm mistaken.) As far as I know, those are virtually the ONLY benefits to the VIA processor.

    In other words, no one in their right mind who was not totally ignorant would buy this motherboard.

    I want to move to space, so I can overclock processors cooled to absolute zero.
  2. If i was made out of money, I'd order that just to see exactly how crappy it was. I bet that is the most unstable pos ever produced.
  3. Oh! OH! It has a PCI slot! IT HAS A PCI SLOT! Weeeee!

    This board is for retards, er, uninformed people who think it might be an ideal solution for an HTPC (Home Theater PC). Reasons? Low heat, low noise, TV-Out. PCI slot is there probably for the sole purpose of adding an input card for recording. I doubt however that it can even produce marginally smooth DVD video on it's S3 Savage based integrated graphics and weak processor. Nor will it be able to PLAY GAMES on your TV with decent detail levels, not even at 640x480. Basically, this is the kind of crap dealers who sell "wonder PC's" on late night infomertials will sell you. It will give you a taste of what HTPC is about and then leave you stranded.

    The price? Outrageous, you can get a GOOD cheap Duron board for $65, a Duron for $30, and a Radeon dirivative for $40 with TV-Out, for a few dollars less.

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  4. And to think, I thought you would have been totally excited, have your card out and ready to order this puppy right now Crashman. What more could you ask for.. a Via board, AND!!!! a via processor! wow.. *is in heaven.

    haha, sarcasm :)
  5. order me 5 lol
  6. Ya and if ya order 5 and miraculously connect them together then you'd have 5 PCI slots like every other mobo LOL. Oh forgot, in order to connect them you need a port ROFL.

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  7. Hey, just connect them through a PCI card! Wait! er...I think I missed something here...

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  8. Oh joy!

    BTW, where do you live?

    <font color=blue>Watts mean squat if you don't have quality!</font color=blue>
  9. Actually the via epia c3 is a great solution. it is half the size of a normal computer, quieter and uses about half the power. hook it up with a low power usage 5400rpm hard drive and you have a great pc you can shove under your bed and leave it downloading stuff all night without it disrupting your sleep. It's good on the powerbill too.
  10. Hey and doesn't need a PS either... just plug in an AC adapter. :).... I'm convinced this is the power bihind GameBoy advanced, looks like it will fit in there.

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  11. Yes, but I already have a few Pentium 233MMX boxes I can say that about. And probably darned near the same performance level too. Oooops, mine are bigger, they have multiple expansion slots, damn.

    Yes, it might be a nice computer to stick under your bed and leave running all night, so you can tell people "hey, I have a computer under my bed, I leave it running all night"! But then again, some people actually like to USE that box, rather than leaving it running under our beds.

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  12. And seeing as it's a VIA product, I'm sure it is 100% stable at all times, without exception.

    I can see the case badges now: "Warning: VIA Inside." They will also give you another, larger badge that you can stick on your bed that says "VIA Underneath."

    I wonder if people will actually buy this board? I'm sure there are some idjits out there without a clue who will jump all over it.

    You could probably run a 1700+ underclocked to 600mhz without a fan, doncha think?

    I want to move to space, so I can overclock processors cooled to absolute zero.
  13. I can see a new craze in the making... XTREME UNDERCLOCKING
    Duude... I'm running a 100 Mhz FSB with a multiplier of 1.:) I had the HSF on but the heat from the fan was warming my processer.

    "Quotes are for people that can't think for themselves"
  14. Lol! Too funny. I'll bet I can get my processor down to 66mhz, dude! I could use it as an air conditioner in the summer!

    Don't laugh too much, though! VIA's comin' with the BIG GUN!

    <A HREF="http://www.via.com.tw/en/viac3/c3.jsp" target="_new">http://www.via.com.tw/en/viac3/c3.jsp</A>

    If their not careful, their gonna hafta start using active cooling! :eek:

    I still wonder if an Athlon 1700+ running at 1 ghz would need anything but passive cooling. Talk about groping for features and benefits! Can you imagine Intel or AMD selling a processor that's half as fast as their competitor's slowest processors, and bragging about the "passive cooling?"

    BTW: Glad to see all those innovative and ground-breaking technologies Cyrix was working on didn't go to waste after the company was absorbed by VIA.

    I want to move to outer space, so I can overclock processors cooled to absolute zero.

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  15. Hmm now I have to try it lol, is a multiplier of 2 possible? (I've never tried it) I have my old Pentium pro 200 next to me, I wonder how much faster a 2600 clocked at 200 would be compared to the Pro :)

    "Quotes are for people that can't think for themselves"
  16. I know what you mean! I have an Athlon 1400 lying around here somewhere and an SiS motherboard....Now I wanna run it at like 12x66 with just a heatsink...I'll leave the fan unplugged. Betcha it runs stable. And I'll betcha it's faster than the VIA. Of course, it'll be hard to tell, because the hardware sites I visit aren't exactly replete with VIA processor benchmarks.

    I want to move to space, so I can overclock processors cooled to absolute zero.
  17. I underclocked my Celeron 1100 to 733MHz at 1.30v, and ran it on a Pentium 1 heatsink. Posted in here about it. It was faster and cheaper than anything VIA has to offer. And even 1.30v was far more than it needed, but my old BX board doesn't support less.

    At 1.30v and stock speed (1100), it would run kind of hot with the Pentium 1 heatsink, but still didn't lock up.

    If you want something fast, get an Athlon 1700+ (latest stepping) and underclock it to around 866MHz (6.5x133). It would be something like a XP1000+ rating, and probably run at around 1.15v, with passive cooling.

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  18. ok that actually looks pretty damn good!!!

    DVD drive and 5400HDD
    5.1 chanel surround sound hook up.
    tv hook up

    network it to your LAN and you have a brillient tv computer which you could surf the net on and watch tv/movies.

    don't say it won't run a DVD at full frame rate coz my brothers computer is comparable and can run things fine.

    i would buy one any day
    an entire computer for $300 that will fit in a the space behind my tv.

    stop your whinning!!!!!
  19. We weren't whining. I think what we were doing was laughing and pointing. It's kinda like when they came out with the Yugo. The only thing it had going for it was that it was small. And a lot of people laughed at that car. And today, you don't see any on the road.

    We can only hope that will one day happen the VIA.

    I want to move to space, so I can overclock processors cooled to absolute zero.
  20. hah, I'm from El Paso, TX.
  21. check <A HREF="http://www.hexus.net/review.php?review=503&page=4" target="_new">this</A> out.The via ezra 933MHz cpu actually performs worse than a k6-III 450MHz and gets trounced by a celeron or duron 600 in sandra CPU multimedia benchmark.If that's the 933MHz, what about the 600MHz?!

    no matter how hard you try, you can't polish a turd. :]
  22. Glowing Review!

    "As it stands, only the small size and up and coming range of case solutions for the Mini-ITX format stop me from disregarding it completely. You can pop the EPIA in a funky rage of cases that fit right in with existing home audio and cinema kit without looking completely out of place. Not being able to upgrade the processor to any upcoming C3-2 solution hampers it however, even if size is on its side.

    It's a nearly there product for me, not quite ready for the main use I can see many people having for it. However I'm sure VIA will get there with its new processor and a new range of EPIA products in due course.

    Ultimately the form factor is a hindrance since you can't upgrade it and there's no AGP slot meaning a Shuttle type system is more appealing, to this reviewer at least.

    A frustrating product to review since it gets most things right but the crucial factor for me just couldn't be fulfilled, not in this incarnation. I await a C3-2 equipped EPIA with open arms, Mini-ITX is very appealing, I just need it to do a bit more.

    Overall, good features, good presentation and suitable for most tasks, just slightly let down in terms of processing power.


    Mini-ITX form factor
    Presentation and bundle
    MPEG-2 DVD playback performance and quality


    Poor performance with high bitrate video
    Quite expensive being the top line model"

    Now what possible advantage could this have over an AMD or P4 SFF solution? To me that's the big question. I mean, this VIA was getting its BUTT KICKED by the Duron 600 Fergodssake and lagged slightly behing the K6-III 450???

    Sorry. If VIA has ANY success with this toy, Intel or AMD know they can come along and swoop on the market any time they need to. Until then, let VIA invest the time and money to see if the market even exists.

    I want to move to space, so I can overclock processors cooled to absolute zero.
  23. Damn, that's not in my district.

    <font color=blue>Watts mean squat if you don't have quality!</font color=blue>
  24. Where are ya from Crashman? What's your district?
  25. I'm from Michigan, my "district" is the area I travel in search of work and covers most states east of the Mississippi.

    <font color=blue>Watts mean squat if you don't have quality!</font color=blue>
  26. But I like the noise of fans. I feel wrong without it. There's only 24 fans, including my room fan and wall unit A/C running in my room right now. What was that? Speak louder, I can't hear you.

    An interesting phenome...phenomino...fenom....occurance is that when I go out in the country with no noise around, it feels fake. Heh.

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  27. Well, i would personally use it to put in my truck :) but other than that i would rather have the shuttle nforce2 if i wanted a small computer

    For the love of God, and all thats holy...
  28. My Duron Morgan 1GHz can be undervolted to 1.3V and still be stable under full load, the highest temps I reach are a little under 30 Celcius, putting out only 22 Watts, easely dissipated by my <A HREF="http://cybercoolerinc.com/p-20000ac.html" target="_new"> Cyber Cooler P-20000AC</A>. With the heat sink fan disabled, my core temps won't go over 50 Celcius. My GF2 MX 400 is cooled by a passive heat sink and my power supply and case fans hardly make any noise, making my system wisper quiet. Unfortunately, I can't take advantage of my A7V333 Quiet Fan feature, I noticed that after a few minutes, the fan voltage begin to fluctuate wildly, peaking at 15V before dropping to 0V, not an ideal situation for any electrical motor.

    Overall, I'm sure my lowly budget setup can beat a C3 combo in the price/performance area. I'm looking foward into getting an 1700+ Tbred B to see how low I can get the core voltage, those clearly are downbinned chips, I expect to make it run on 1.2V

    According to this <A HREF="http://www.benchtest.com/calc.html" target="_new"> CPU Wattage calculator</A> a 1700+ Tbred B underclocked to 600MHz running on 1.5V would generate only 18 Watts, 10 Watts @500MHz on 1.2V... WOW ! Clearly, no fans needed =)

    Fok Speling Misstake
  29. what's sad is that you can get a better board with a duron processor that is faster and better then this one for the same price!!!

    Life is irrelivent and irrational.

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