Brothers in Arms:Highway to Hell

I'm having problems in that when I "right click" (as per manual)
cannot get any squad commands to come up.

Also...I assume that to throw a grenade, one presses the "G"
key, which I tried without success.

Any suggestions ?


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  1. haha, the Highway to Hell title gave me a nice chuckle!

    You did try to change the controls right? If i remember from the last BiA game i played, i think it was 'C' that brought up the squad command cursor. But then again, maybe i changed the controls myself....
  2. When you first start out in the game I don't believe you have any grenades.
    Also, don't just click the right mouse button, click and HOLD the right mouse button and move the mouse to point to where you want your squad to move or over who you want to attack.
  3. Press F for grenades and use the tab button to change your squads.
  4. You are correct in that at first,no grenades. I found that after the 1st scenario
    in the building where you are following 1 soldier and learning basics-when the
    game "goes back 3 days earlier" and after we landed in the glider, that your
    suggestion re: the right mouse button worked just fine. I also have grenades and can throw them.

    Thanks a lot for helping me.

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